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When you are new to yoga and utterly unaware of how things go in a yoga class, there will be a few questions coming to your mind. The questions can be: Am I ready for yoga, what essentials  I should take, what am I supposed to do, and many more such questions.

 So here is what I have learned from my yoga journey. Do read if you want to excel in your yoga preparations.

1. Yoga Practice

The heart of yoga is the steady practice that will lead you in your desired direction!

If you plan to take up the intensive yoga teacher training program, you must do a consistent yoga practice until you join the YTT. You can enter a yoga studio or make it at home.

Though many videos and books are available to guide you in a yoga practice at home, in-person yoga training at the studios will help you rectify your mistakes and grow. Home guides are perfect if you have no access to yoga studios nearby.

At least one year of consistent yoga practice is needed to make your body used to yoga culture.

2. Prepare Your Mind

Preparing your mind for a relaxing body will help you perform yoga better!

 After going through the yoga teacher training syllabus, you must know what you will be learning. So it is advisable to study in advance; it will help you better understand what is being taught.

Though there will be teachers who will refine and direct you to perform correct movements and postures, a prior study will not make you feel lost. Instead, you will feel more connected and excited to learn it.

Also, maintain the decorum of the class, follow the class etiquette, arrive on time, keep your phone silent and respect your teachers.

3. Prepare Your Body

Preparing your body will help you in preparing your mind!

Whether joining a yoga studio or doing yoga at home, start preparing your body for a YTT. Tune your body so you don’t have heavy meals before class. Have a snack one or two hours before the class. Though yoga has slow motions, the food in your stomach will still move, and there are chances of making you fall sick.  

 Also, if you want to feel energetic throughout the yoga class, make sure you perform a few warm-up posesTheey poses are handy and easy to do and will not take much time.

4. Essentials

Keeping your essentials close to you make you feel positive and enthusiastic!

When you’ve prepared your mind and body for intensive yoga teacher training, it’s time to pack your bags. The most important thing you need to pack is your comfortable clothes for performing yoga.

Make sure you carry quality yoga dresses that are not torn easily. Always have a mat and a sipper water bottle to keep you energized. Carry towels and napkins with you during a yoga class to avoid sweat staining your mats. You can always carry all the essential things you need for residential yoga teacher training.

5. Clothing factor

Comfortable clothes help you to be present physically as well as mentally!

Who said you need to invest more to get good yoga clothes? No.  do not waste your money on purchasing expensive and specific sportswear. You must choose the most uncomplicated and comfortable combination for your yoga classes. Always opt for tight-fitting t-shirts, so they do not move while performing asanas.

You do not need any shoes as yoga is performed barefoot. The school will provide mats, but you can carry yours for practicing yoga in your room.

6. Want to know how to start the yoga practice?

Are you trying yoga for the first time? But don’t know how to incorporate yoga into day-to-day life. So here are tried and tested tips my guru gave to make yoga a lifestyle.

Tips To Introduce Yoga In Day-To-Day Life

Start with  Acceptance

Do you know what precisely the word YOGA means? It means UNION. Union among all aspects of life. There should be no separation between your thoughts and present circumstances when you are in yoga. It takes years to cultivate the habit of being in the current state.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have, thank god for a beautiful life, and accept your body

Release Expectations

Usually, it is in our habit to expect things, but we do not know that these expectations will disappoint us, ultimately making us sad and remorseful. What you can do is, start with gratitude. Try to focus on what you can do and be thankful for it. 

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

Understand the core of yoga

Yoga is not about increasing flexibility and comforting your muscles; yoga is about liberating your body, mind, and soul. Do not focus on losing weight or attaining short-term goals; understand that yoga is a process and a lifestyle change.

The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness on the darkest corners of the body.

Notice your breathing

Feel the breath, and understand the nature of breathing. Feel how it flows, giving life to every cell of your body. Inhale and exhale slowly, repeat the process, and see how your body feels light and right simultaneously.

Take a deep breath and try again!

Get comfortable

The trick to getting comfortable in everything is observing things and feeling their beauty. You do not always have to be in a hurry, rush around, check time continuously, and hurry your to-do list. Sometimes stillness is what gives you comfort and peace.

Sit back, relax and observe!

Learn basic poses

When your mind is prepared, here comes the time to tune your body. Indulge yourself in yoga practice. You can join a yoga studio or online yoga classes. Do not hassle yourself in the race of perfection; things take time.

Devote your time during the basic poses, and don’t jump into complexities.

Find a suitable yoga class.

Now you are ready to look at yoga teacher training and jump into the phase that will change your life forever. Choose a suitable yoga teacher training that is effective for you and your career.

Be calmer and enjoy the journey!


Of course, the journey to yoga teacher training is demanding and challenging, but no one can stop you if you are determined to do it. In yoga, consistency and concentration play a vital role; make sure you give both.

Stick to your goal and work hard to attain it! Your teachers and yoga instructors are always there to help you. Consider talking to them and following instructions.

Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can!


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