What to Expect From Hatha Yoga Teacher Training India

Firstly I would like to introduce hatha yoga, which is the most traditional form of yoga that is in practice in modern times. It has given rise to many other modern styles of yoga. While those styles focus on very particular physical benefits, Hatha yoga retains its traditional principles. That is why even today, the most popular and sought after style of yoga for YTTCs is the Hatha yoga teacher training India. Hatha yoga promotes the attainment of overall peak health in the vision of ancient yogis instead of more specific goals like weight loss, body flexibility, or healing. Hatha yoga teacher training India incorporates many different components from the original yogic way of life to create a regime that provides holistic benefits to the body. Thus, it is the ideal form of yoga for those looking to adopt the yogic lifestyle in its entirety.


Now, yoga is an umbrella term that constitutes many different substyles, as we already mentioned. Hatha yoga asanas were arranged into different techniques of performance, adding variations and modifications, and then given various names. Some examples are Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Kundalini yoga, Iyengar yoga, Bikram yoga, etc. Thus, you can consider Hatha yoga as the foundation of these styles. No matter what style of yoga you go to learn, you will notice that the basics will include lessons in Hatha yoga. Hence, even if you do not plan to follow a course of Hatha yoga and want to specialise in one of the other styles, you will benefit from Hatha yoga teacher training India classes. It will help build a strong base for your later lessons and lay the groundwork for good yoga.

How Does A Typical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training India Class Go

Different yoga styles follow different curricula and different class patterns. The exact pattern depends on the length of the course, the duration of the class, the size of the curriculum, the underlying principle of the yoga style and the discretion of the teacher. Thus, Hatha yoga teacher training India follows a certain model for conducting the class. But even within that model, you will find differences according to where you are learning and from whom.  But the standard formula is pretty much the same. 

Aim of Hatha yoga teacher training

A typical Hatha yoga class starts off with a centring exercise. This aims to bring awareness of every student into the class and focus their roving mind. The exercise is vital to the success of the routines that come next. If your mind is wandering, none of the yogic practices will have any of the desired effects. The most usual ways to do this is by a short session of meditation or breathing awareness.

The next step is warm-ups. Warm-ups are important in any activity, physical or mental, as they help stretch and open up your body or mind and free its constraints for better performance. Hatha yoga teacher training India classes commonly feature Surya Namaskar or sun salutations as their warm-up exercise. But, often, some Hatha yoga teacher training Rishikesh will feature the Kundalini circular movements for better energy flow and circulation.

Pranayama Steps

It would be wrong to classify Pranayama as a step. This is because Pranayama or breathing exercises must be interspersed throughout the class for better results. Physiologically, proper breathing keeps the blood moving and maintains an oxygen supply to every body part and organ that needs it. From the perspective of Hatha yoga, the purpose of Pranayama is to redirect the vital energies that the other exercises get flowing, in the right direction. Of course, there can also be dedicated exercises for Pranayama in between the others, as the teacher may guide.

Asanas form the main chunk of the class. Many different types of asanas are performed for different results. A class may consist of one or more postures of different categories like standing poses, seated poses, balancing poses, table poses, kneeling poses, prone and supine poses and so on. The exact design is, again, the choice of the guru. But one thing that should be maintained is that the asanas in all categories should be performed. This is to ensure that every part of the body receives some benefits.


Meditation, like pranayama, is hard to categorize into a step. Meditation can be included in any part of the class and as many times as the teacher deems fit. He or she can even ask the students to perform a meditation session if the class is getting distracted. Yoga and Meditations help you to find your focus and rid your mind of the distractions.

Hatha yoga classes will most likely end with a relaxation session of Savasana. Also known as the corpse pose, it helps the body return to the resting state and the mind to reflect. Through a mental focus exercise, the teacher might help you bring that about.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training India

Physiologically, Hatha yoga has many benefits. It improves body strength and flexibility and improves general posture. You will notice an increase in respiratory and cardiovascular efficiency both in the long and short run. It gives you better control of your body and improves reflexes, dexterity, balance and fluidity of movement. Your digestive functions, sleep cycle and energy level will improve drastically. It even helps in better pain management and improves immunity and general body resilience.

with practicing hatha yoga, this is also good for our mental health. It increases concentration and decreases uncontrolled mood swings. You achieve better control over your emotions and can deal better with anxiety, stress and depression. Hatha yoga helps you relax and react calmly even in the face of danger.

From the spiritual perspective, Hatha yoga teacher training India aims to release, elevate and direct the cosmic energy in our body to help people achieve freedom from the cycle of life or moksha.

Where To Go for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

In last, I just suggest you that there are many yoga schools provide good quality Hatha yoga teacher training Rishikesh. However, they can never compete with Aadi Yoga School. Here, you will learn Hatha yoga in the true Indian spiritual model that will prepare you for a fulfilling life in yoga practice as well as instruction.


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