Sometimes, people are so excited about joining a yoga class that they completely forget about yoga clothes. This may seem an insignificant detail in the beginning, making people push it off till the last moment. Furthermore, before they know it, it is past the point of no return. They are struggling to find the appropriate yoga outfit and make fatal mistakes that can haunt them throughout their lives. Often, people ask their to-be yoga teachers what the right clothes for yoga would be. But another person, no matter how experienced, can never tell what will work for you. That is why this post discusses all the available options when it comes to yoga clothes for women and men. 


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  • When it comes to yoga wear, clothes that are form-fitting but not too tight are the best. This goes for both men and women. You want form-fitting clothes so that they do not come in the way of your poses or flash the other people around. But anything that is too tight will prevent you from breathing as freely as you need to.
  • You can wear either yoga tank tops or sleeved tops, whichever is more comfortable for you. Even a tee shirt can work. Simply ensure that the texture of the yoga top is breathable. 
  • Any kind of yoga pants or workout leggings will work. You just have to make sure that they are not so loose that they will slide over or you will catch your feet in them. But, if they are too tight, they will dig in around your groin area, which might be uncomfortable and unsightly. You must strike a perfect balance for the utmost comfort. 
  • If you feel like it, you can also attend in yoga shorts. But, you must ensure that they are not so short that people confuse them for underwear. It isn’t just about solace yet additionally about fairness.
  • If you expect to sweat a lot, for example, if you joined power yoga or hot yoga classes, you should invest in sweat-wicking or absorbing yoga attire. This will prevent your body parts from getting slippery from the sweat.


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  • For women, a supportive sports bra is an essential piece of clothing to invest in. They must be high coverage so that when you move around a lot, your parts should not slip out or move into an awkward position. The fabric should be stretchable and the shoulder straps and elastic bands should not cut into your skin. A longline bra or one with a wide waistband is ideal. This is so that when you lift your hands, the bra does not slide up your chest. Do not wear an old and loose bra as it will keep sliding and not doing its job as a result. Men can wear any ordinary vest which again should be form-fitting but not too loose.
  • When you choose your underwear, make sure it will not give you a wedgie in the middle of a pose. Nothing is more awkward and uncomfortable than tugging at your underwear in front of an entire class. 
  • Many people will choose to wear a leotard under their clothes as this prevents unwanted flashing as well as unexpected movement and slide-ups. This is, however, not mandatory and you can do what you feel like in this respect. 
  • One big no-no is that you should never try to attend yoga classes in shapewear. Shapewear is meant to cinch you in. They are tight and will prevent you from stretching and breathing in a normal, comfortable, and healthy manner. There is no disgrace in your present body. After all, you must have joined yoga classes to take care of your health.


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  • Most people do yoga barefoot. Most yoga asanas require footwork that any kind of shoe will restrict. If you do find people wearing shoes, they, in all probability, have some kind of medical condition that requires it. 
  • You should also not wear conventional socks for doing yoga. Socks will most likely take away the grip or hold that the bottom of your foot provides. As a result, it increases the chances of you slipping during a yoga asana requiring footwork and balance.
  • If you absolutely do not wish to have your foot out, you can wear special workout socks. These are socks that have special grip pads fitted at the bottom to provide the friction you need for a proper foothold. 

Other Essentials

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  • If you have long hair, wear it in a ponytail or braids so that they do not come all over your face. In the case of bangs or unruly strands, use a headband or hairclips to tuck them in place.
  • Consider buying sweat headbands or wristbands. They will help you keep the sweat away from your eyes and hands. 
  • Never make the mistake of wearing jewelry. They will only come in the way of a safe yoga practice. 
  • Always keep with you a change of clothes. Who knows, you just might end up needing them in case of an accident.


Choosing the right yoga class is vital for a happy experience while learning yoga. Yet, similarly significant is finding a climate that is agreeable for you. Part of this involves finding the right clothes for your first day at your yoga class. Choose a yoga course from BookYogaRetreats and we will ensure that the rest goes smoothly.

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