Yoga Classes For Beginners, You might have had many misconceptions about yoga. Some people may say that yoga is slow, boring but it is an ancient form of exercise which heals all body ailments from inside. It focuses on balance, strength & flexibility. On my first day of yoga class I was very conscious I was frantically looking around everyone. Everybody was doing Surya Namaskar & I was instructed to do Anulom-Vilom pranayama which is the easiest asana to start yoga. Then gradually I learnt Surya Namaskar with in few days & I am still trying to master different asanas. Yoga is a life long journey. Here is me elaborating you certain do’s & don’ts of yoga when you join any class as a beginner:

Yoga Classes For Beginners, Do’s of Yoga:

  • If you are having any injury or pain let your yoga teacher know. Always consult your physician before commencing to yoga class.
  • Focus on breath right from beginning.
  • Be regular in your practice if possible or should do 5 times in a week.
  • Do arrive early in class at least 10 to 20 minutes. Do some stretches or sit quietly & get centered.
  • Do bring a towel to wipe off your sweat.
  • Do create an intention & be dedicated towards your practice.
  • Do wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily.
  • Do take props which you require for yoga & then keep back on right place.
  • Do take time after class to retain what you have learnt.

Yoga Classes For Beginners, Don’ts of Yoga:

  • Don’t push yourself beyond limits. There is no competition you can learn gradually as per your own caliber.
  • Don’t practice during menstrual cycle or pregnancy before consulting your doctor.
  • Avoid meals at least 2 to 3 hours before yoga.
  • Don’t practice during fever, illness, or surgery.
  • Don’t practice in unclean, unhygienic place & areas with foul smells.
  • Don’t perform in tight or uncomfortable clothes.

Here are some Asanas to practice during Yoga Classes for beginners:

Tadasana (Mountain pose) 

It teaches how to stand like a mountain. It is the basic pose of all other asanas. Following are the steps to perform this asana

  • Stand on your feet with toes touching each other & heels apart on a mat.
  • Spread your toes & manage your weight on feet.
  • Relax your shoulders widen your collar bone.
  • As you inhale raise your arms over head.
  • Your ears, shoulders & arms should be in one line.
  • Hold for few seconds & breathe easy.

Vrikshasana (Tree pose)

It improves body balance. Following are the steps to perform this asana

  • Start in mountain pose with toes together & heels apart.
  • Bring your right foot high on your left thigh. Sole of the foot should be placed firmly.
  • Keep your left leg straight & while inhaling raise your arms over head & bring your palms together.
  • Make sure that your spine is straight. Hold for few seconds & then come back in previous position.
  • Repeat the above steps with left leg.


Adho Mukho Savansana (Downward facing dog) 

It stretches hamstrings & provides extra blood flow to brain. Following are the steps to perform this asana

  • Sit on mat with knees under your thighs & hands stacked under your shoulders.
  • Spread your hands on mat & lift your buttocks up & back. Make your legs straight & press your heels on the floor.
  • Your head should be between your arms, you should look at your knees. Make your back flat. Hold for 3 to 4 breathes & then come back to previous position.


Trikonasana (Triangle pose) 

It stretches legs, & mobilizes body & reduces sides body fat. Following are the steps to perform this asana

  • Stand with your feet shoulders apart on mat.
  • Stretch your right foot out at 90 degrees. Balance your weight equally on both the feet.
  • Inhale deeply & as you exhale bend your right arm try to touch it on floor while your left arm goes up.
  • Keep your waist straight. Stretch as much as you can. Hold in this pose & then repeat on other side.

Child’s Pose (Balasana):

This pose helps to relax your body. It is good for those who suffer from insomnia & anxiety. Following are the steps to perform this asana

  • Bend your knees & sit on heels.
  • Keep your hips on your heels.
  • Inhale deeply & as you exhale lower your head on a mat & bring your hands forward.
  • Make sure that your chest lies on your thighs.


It is the resting pose to be done at the completion of all asana. Following are the steps to perform this asana

  • Lie down on a mat with your eyes facing the ceiling of the room.
  • Your palms should face the ceiling.
  • Widen your legs a bit comfortably
  • Breathe normally, close your eyes & stay in this position for some time.

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