How To Choose A Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Are you an aspiring yoga teacher? Or are you keen on learning Yoga for personal benefit? In both cases, the blog is pretty helpful to you.

Yoga teacher training course is a life-changing experience. If you are sure to take up a yoga teacher training course, it is best to start with the foundational 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. It is an intensive course that needs your physical and emotional efforts. The course changes you entirely, of course, for betterment.

Choosing a perfect yoga teacher training course can be tiring and confusing. So here are we to help you make a decision you will never regret.

Consider the following points for choosing a yoga teacher training program:

Take into account the following before choosing a yoga teacher training course. Make a decision that you feel is appropriate for you.

#1. Get Clear

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible!

It is always essential to have clarity in your lives. When it comes to achieving your goals, make sure to set your intentions before you proceed further. Once you get clarity in dreams, the other journey becomes hassle-free.

If you are interested in teaching yoga, look for schools that follow the teaching methodology. If you are not interested in teaching yoga, then look for schools that focus on topics you are interested in. And if you are thinking of growing your yoga business, then look for advanced yoga training. It essential to decide and then work towards achieving it.

#2. Decide How Would You Streamline Your Knowledge

If you know, let others light the candles in it!

Deciding on how to streamline your yoga knowledge is a follow-up question after setting your intention. So it is essential to figure out how you would be using the yoga knowledge further and then lookup for a suitable yoga teacher training school.

If you want to teach in a yoga studio, then look for a yoga teacher training that gives Yoga Alliance certification. And if you are looking for a lifestyle change, like you want to incorporate pranayama, meditation, yoga sutras in your life, then choose yoga teacher training accordingly.

#3. Decide The Type Of Yoga

Make a choice that helps you reach your goal.

Different yoga schools offer various courses for a variety of yoga styles. If you are keen on pursuing a particular type of yoga, look for the yoga schools that offer the same manner.

Some yoga training centers offer a unique program for different kinds of yoga. Hatha yoga is the most popular and foundational style of yoga included in 200-hour yoga teacher training. All the other styles are born from hatha yoga. Study the different styles in-depth to understand the perfect fit for you.

#4. Choose the Right Learning Style

Everyone has a unique learning style; choose what suits you BEST!

Here you have two choices. First, you can take intensive immersion programs where you unplug yourself from the rest of the world and emerge yourself in a deeper understanding of yoga. And the second option is to choose learning yoga at the comfort of your home, which is online yoga teacher training.

It depends on you what you would prefer. Whatever you choose, just honor your learning style and select a program that suits you. Keep in mind that perfect guidance in a yoga journey is essential.

#5. Consider A Perfect Location

Choose India for the best yoga learning experience, an experience you will never forget.

While considering the best location for learning yoga, India is the best. There are many reasons why India is best for learning yoga.

  • Birthplace of yoga
  • Authentic yoga learning
  • Experienced teachers and yoga gurus
  • Affordable fees
  • Sativik meals
  • Soothing Climate

As a YTT will take a month to choose a location where you are comfortable and would love to start your training journey. Look for the different yoga schools in India that offer the courses you want to pursue. Go through the curriculum and make your choice.

#6. Examine The Time Constraints

Examine your time constraints and then make a decision

There are generally two types of formats available in 200-hour yoga teacher training. One is choosing an extensive program, where classes are at night and on weekends. It may take up to 6 months to one year to complete the course. Another option is to choose an intensive program; it runs all days except on weekends. The period lasts for one month.

Understand your needs and time issues, then make the best choice for you.

#7. Ponder Upon The Cost

Consider cost but not before your dreams and desires!

Pondering upon the cost is also a vital aspect of Yoga teacher training. But if you are a keen learner and have decided to take up yoga teacher training, then you are unstoppable.

Cost is an important factor but not a very important factor. If you choose India for Yoga teacher training, learning yoga is fun yet affordable.

#8. Listen To The Experiences Of Others

Listening and learning from others will make your decision easy!

Hearing from people in the same profession can help shape your yoga teacher training decision. If you admire any yoga teacher, just ask them where they did their training and how their whole yoga learning experience was.

Ultimately the decision should be yours because not everything is suitable for everyone.

#9. Choose A Place That Resonates You

A perfect environment is essential for learning!

Learning yoga can be physically and mentally challenging. So choose a place where you feel like home or a business you can relate with. Shortlist your favorite yoga teacher training schools, visit them, attend a few classes and then make your decision.

Training is a considerable investment for a yoga teacher, so it should be productive. Make sure you like your teacher trainers and how they teach.


I hope the blog helped you choose a perfect Yoga teacher training course for you. A good course can affect your entire life. So be wise in your decisions as some decisions can’t be reversed.

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