Aerial Yoga Challenges: Practicing Aerial Yoga will give you a profound sense of empowerment. It is pretty humbling and rewarding and will shift your perspective by turning you upside-down. You will develop a child-like joy when you accomplish the tasks of Aerial Yoga. If you are someone looking for a new challenge, then Aerial yoga is for YOU.

Encounter what type of challenges it brings to you!

1. You will swing, and you will fail

You will face many challenges throughout the journey of learning Aerial yoga. Initially, you will swing like a monkey, falling and failing uncountable times. Reaching the level where your upper body is relaxed and the hammock provides beautiful traction to the lumbar spine is not an easy task.

You may also feel the stress in your muscles but always remember it is just a phase; once you are on a hammock and do the dedicated practice, you will shine out. Soon your body will learn to invert without needing to support your body weight with your head, neck, or shoulders.

2. You will have no control over your body

In Aerial Yoga Challenges, Another challenge that Aerial Yoga practitioner face during the initial learning of Aerial Yoga is that they lose control over their bodies. When gravity is removed from the equation, some different muscles function at that time, making it difficult for newbies to control their bodies.

It requires a reasonable amount of time and practice to engage muscles to stay afloat properly. Thus at the start of practicing Aerial Yoga, you may feel you do not have control over your body, but gradually, you will learn to make a balance between your mind and body.

3. You will encounter plenty of fear

Aerial Yoga is not smooth as it seems; it comes with risks that can make you fearful. We have made our minds and body with limits, but we must understand that we are limitless. Our body strength can go to extreme levels we have never thought of. We just need to train our minds and body to conquer our fear of growing bold and robust.

Research also says that practicing Aerial Yoga becomes simple and easy as the trust grows. It is always good if you understand that you won’t go upside down in your first class, but slowly you will integrate Aerial Yoga Challenges that may induce fear as the course continues.

4. You will feel the fabric discomfort

Despite the soft and silky texture of the fabric, it can cause discomfort. When pressure is put on the muscles that aren’t engaged, the material will feel tight and pinching on your body.

There are many modifications one can make to make oneself feel comfortable. If you are a beginner, you can use a blanket or a thick towel in a few poses to avoid any tightness or heat sensation in your body.

5. Staying grounded will become difficult

Initially, when you learn Aerial Yoga, you are introduced to your relationship of body weight to the hammock by keeping some part of the body on the ground in the beginning.

Gradually with regular practice, they teach to bring more and more bodies into the sky. When the student is ready to put their entire body into the hammock, they can better understand how to ground down by pressing into the fabric the same way they did on the mat during regular yoga.

Things to Know Before Attending Aerial yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga is becoming popular daily; if you also aspire to join Aerial Yoga, you must know a few things before attending Aerial Yoga.

1. An Easy And Unbiased Platform

Aerial yoga may seem complex and challenging, but it is not as difficult as you think. You must think Aerial yoga is only for sleek and flexible people, which is wrong. Aerial yoga is a neutral platform that does not body sham and is for everyone.

Aerial yoga classes are smaller; thus, you will get undivided attention and guidance from your trainee. So no need to worry; trust the hammock; it can handle your weight easily. There is no room for fear, but you will rock it.

2. Leave Your Lotion, Jewellery, And Perfume At Home

It is always advisable to leave your jewelry behind when practicing Aerial yoga. A hammock is strong but is not invincible, and it will rip off the things it comes in contact with. So, take off your watches, rings, necklaces, and protruding piercing that can come your way during Aerial training.

Also, do not apply any lotion, perfumes, or essential oils as they can make your skin slippery, and you may lose your grip on a hammock. And scents, when mixed with sweat, give an unpleasant smell that is unbearable.

3. Wear The Right Clothing

For Aerial Yoga, it is best to wear comfortable and well-fitted clothes. You must always wear clothes that cover your legs and armpits. Avoid clothes that are bulky and loose.

The idea during Aerial yoga practice is to save yourself from irritation and chafing. You can also wear ankle or wrist braces to protect you from injuries or skin irritations.

4. Try The Different Styles

There are different types and styles of yoga, and even Aerial Yoga has sub-categories. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques; choose the one that will take your Yoga journey to a new level.

You can attend the demo sessions offered by various classes, talk to students who are already into learning, research the different styles, and find a perfect fit for you.

5. Not Equally Suitable For Everyone

Though Aerial Yoga is an excellent form of workout, it is not suitable for everyone. It involves flipping and flowing through poses unsuitable for people with certain conditions.

Aerial Yoga is unsuitable for people suffering from vertigo, inner ear conditions, balance issues, recently undergone surgery, or are prone to fainting and fatigue. It is essential to listen to your body; if you are not feeling right, it is not for you.

6. Tons Of Benefits

Every type of yoga has its benefits, and so is Aerial yoga. Effective aerial yoga has enough benefits to keep your mind and body active.

Flipping and flying come with the significant benefit of blood circulation that amplifies the functioning of each organ in your body.

7. Choose Your Drinks And Eats Wisely

Aerial Yoga involves flips and movements that can unsettle the stomach. So if you had heavy food or carbonated drinks before the class, this might cause nausea or vomiting.

So eating light food and drinking plenty of water is always wise to make you feel right during Aerial yoga practice.

End Note

Aerial Yoga has a lot to offer, and it exclusively depends on how much we can take it. As a regular yoga practitioner, you will see how Aerial yoga comes with many challenges and risks. But with continuous practice and determination, you will feel that everything was worth it.

It is an incredible journey where you flip and slip continuously from the hammock and slay on the swing. You will see how your body grows beautifully, embracing the hammock.

Give a kick to your life and take a step to make your life more enchanting and embracing with Aerial Yoga.

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