Aerial Yoga: Learning Yoga Without Mats

You have already explored yoga but are planning to do something adventurous and exciting? If yes, then Aerial yoga can satisfy your hunger for doing something off-mat. Here the blog brings you everything you need to know about Aerial yoga.

Join aerial yoga teacher training India and take the enormous benefits out of it. Take a 5-minute read about the latest yoga trend, Aerial yoga. 

Aerial Yoga Benefits

Are you confused about what Aerial yoga brings to you? After reading the benefits, we are sure that you would be completely excited to join the Aerial yoga teacher training program.

We all know the benefits of practising yoga, but Aerial yoga takes these benefits to another level. Aerial yoga adds an element that is not available in any other style of yoga. A hammock adds excellent value to health due to mid-air suspension, and hence Aerial yoga is a style that helps you heal.

#1. Detoxify Your Body

Very few people know that we have a lymphatic system that clears toxins from the tissues and plays a significant role in improving the immune system. Thus when you perform Aerial yoga, inverting the circulation of lymphatic fluid helps drain toxins from the extreme areas. 

During Aerial yoga, the rate of blood purification and detoxification increases. Inversions in Aerial yoga help to promote more circulation of lymph. 

#2. Improves Brain Function

Aerial yoga increases the blood flow to the brain. It aids in delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. In his book The Gravity Guiding System, Dr Robert Martin mentioned that the brain works 14% more when you invert yourself. 

When you perform Aerial yoga, the stagnant blood gets active and comes in a flow that helps the heart take a break. This is not possible when you are standing straight.

#3. Improves Digestion

If you are suffering from various digestion-related issues, try Aerial yoga, which has a healing property that boosts the digestive system. The stretches and movements that are a part of Aerial yoga aid in strengthening the digestive system.

Performing Aerial yoga helps work on core muscles, making them strong and aiding in immunity. Constipation and indigestion are curable with Aerial yoga.

#4. Lifts Your Mood

One would be astonished to know that Aerial yoga can help you treat your mood swings. Aerial yoga effectively treats anxiety, depression, mood swings and trauma memories. 

If you face continuous mood swings that affect your personal and professional life, try Aerial yoga and feel the difference. Practising Aeriel yoga frees you from all the tension and anxiety harming you internally.

#5. Anti-Ageing

When your blood flow improves, it helps combat the signs of ageing. The detoxification of the lymphatic and circulatory system helps delay cardiovascular issues, thus preventing Ageing. 

Aerial yoga improves your flexibility by working on your core muscles and improving your shoulder and spinal flexibility. Practising Aerial yoga will age you in numbers but not by body.

#6. Relieves Insomnia

Everyone deserves to sleep better, but if you are encountering a lack of sleep, interrupted sleep, or un-refreshing sleep, then practising Aerial yoga can work wonders. Insomnia can affect your well-being; it not only causes digestion issues and concerns you mentally.

Learning Aerial yoga will help you to sleep better. As Aerial yoga is a whole-body workout, your muscles will feel relaxed; thus, it will aid in treating insomnia. Also, inverting your body decreases your tension by 35%, so try Aerial Yoga and make yourself sleep better without worries.:

Choosing The Right Aerial Teacher Training For You

Spread the calmness you got after learning Aerial yoga by registering for aerial yoga teacher training India. Follow the few tips for choosing the proper Aerial teacher training.

If you aspire to become an Aerial Yoga Teacher, choosing suitable Aerial Teacher Training can be a task. Let us make it easy for you; consider the following points for choosing the best Aerial teacher training.


Choosing the proper teacher training comes with choosing an Instructor with experience and certification in the field of Aerial Yoga. While searching for a perfect Aerial Teacher Training, do visit the website of the Yoga teacher training school and read the testimonials. You will get an idea about the instructor’s experience and qualifications. Be wise in choosing the instructor, as you will have to spend crucial time with that person.


Choosing the perfect location has always been mattered of discussion. India is the birthplace of yoga and is the ideal place for learning authentic yoga from experienced yoga gurus. There are many reasons you should consider India for yoga teacher training. India is one of the affordable places to learn yoga; also, India has an unmatchable climate and natural beauty that are perfect for learning and practising yoga.


Joining a yoga teacher training requires a good amount of money. The price of yoga teacher training affects a lot. Go through the various school details, compare their rates and choose the best for you. Sometimes the price is a secondary matter, so if you are getting the best at affordable prices, then go for it. Compared to other countries, India offers yoga teacher training at economical prices. Learn authentic and affordable yoga in the birthplace of yoga- INDIA.


Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is a hybrid practise that combines traditional yoga poses with strengthening components, dance, Aerial Arts and gymnastics. Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is a six-day program with intensive 50-hours Aerial yoga teacher training. Learning Aerial art requires less time than other forms like vinyasa or hatha yoga.


Certification is proof of your professional training. Choose the Yoga Teacher Training School certified by one of the available Yoga Alliance Organisations located around the world. The certified schools will offer high-value services and essential content for being a professional Aerial yoga teacher. Ensure to read the terms and conditions so that you do not encounter any problems at the time of training.

Aadi Yoga Aerial Teacher Training

Aadi Yoga has garnered experience in teaching different styles of yoga to beginners as well as advanced learners. After all the tremendous success, Aadi yoga brings an exquisite form of Aerial yoga. Aadi yoga has brought aerial yoga teacher training India.  It is a 50-hour program that will give you a sense of accomplishment. You can also join a 300-hour yoga teacher teaching India that includes basic hatha yoga with professional Aerial yoga teacher training.

Learn Aerial yoga in the lapse of nature in Rishikesh. The location is perfect for learning Yoga and is known for attracting tourists and yogis from all over the world.

Join the modern yoga trend- Aerial yoga with Aadi yoga school!

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