Being a parent means facing a challenge every day. Every parent looks for something that can help in their child’s overall development and makes them stronger than before.

So here is something that you must not miss out AERIAL YOGA.

If you are concerned about a child’s physical skills or looking for something to cope with their anxiety issues, then AERIAL YOGA is a rescuer.

Advantages Of Aerial Yoga For Kids

1. Develops Better Balance

Two types of senses in our body are responsible for the balance. Apart from the five basic senses, we have our Vestibular sense, which is associated with structures in our outer ear. It allows us to sense the movement in all directions, thus helping us balance.

Another type of sense that help us to balance is Proprioception. These are present in our joints and muscles that tell the brain where our body is in space. Thus when your kids practice Aerial Yoga, it gives them ample opportunity to stimulate these two sensory systems.

Aerial yoga involves hanging upside down, spinning in a circle, and feeling the pressure with a hammock; all these activities stimulate the sensory systems and thus develop better balance in your child’s body.

2. Promotes Healthy Brain

You would be well aware of the parasympathetic nervous system. It is that part of the brain that relaxes and calms the mind. During Aerial Yoga, the parasympathetic system tends to stimulate due to various poses done in mid-air. Thus it promotes blood flow to every brain cell and makes it healthier and more robust.

Specific poses for Children in Aerial yoga are soothing and help regulate the sensory system. It would be astonishing to know that these poses are so effective that they calm your child and make them sleep deeply and better.

3. Builds Strength

Try using a hammock, and you will know how using a hammock require serious muscle power. Our hands need firmness that can effectively grasp the hammock. There will be times when you need to hold the hammock with your entire body weight on it. Now you can imagine how much strength is required to work with a hammock.

When your kids start practicing Aerial Yoga, you should be glad they are building their muscles and strength. Their core muscles will get engaged throughout to maintain posture in the hammocks. Also, the inversions with the hammock develop great posture by strengthening the back.

4. Motor Skill Development

Now you must be wondering what motor skills are. Motor skills involve movements that work together to complete a particular task. These essential skills are responsible for walking, running, or riding a bike.

When a child starts learning new things and doing them on their own, they may initially feel hard. But as soon as their motor skills are developed, they grasp and understand everything easily. Thus when the child practices Aerial Yoga, their motor skills are developed fast, and they begin doing everyday things like bathing, brushing, and eating on their own. Every day at Aerial Yoga class is a novel and excellent way to make your children learn new things.

5. Boosts Confidence

What can be the best thing for parents than seeing their kids slaying every pose confidently? It is like a golden opportunity to see your kids initially doing poses that felt impossible.

It is not only a moment of pride and honor for a child but a parent too. Even parents can notice the change in their children between the first class and the second week. When kids learn to use a hammock, they are eager to show it to their parents. Every day in an Aerial yoga class, students are put in situations that make them brighter, sharper, and more confident.

6. Improves Focus And Attention

You will never see a child sit quietly for a few moments. Children are always moving here and there, and their minds are not focussed on any particular point. Thus there is when the need for Aerial Yoga arrives.

Aerial yoga is an exciting platform that helps your child carefully listen to and follow their teachers’ instructions. Practicing and learning Aerial yoga keeps a child focused on a particular position. It allows them to tune their body with the help of instructions given by their instructors. Aerial Yoga not only relaxes and makes their body focused by also their minds.

7. Amplifies Mindfulness Skills

Children, by default, are always used to roaming and running here and there. You cannot accept a child to sit still at a particular place or position. Thus there is a unique program in Aerial Yoga with kids that includes developing appropriate mindfulness lessons for kids. The program teaches the kids to focus on breathing in a fun way. Also, engaging the senses in mindful exercises and through challenge poses with hammocks.

When your child is hanging upside down, it is proof that they are in a state of mindfulness. You will be proud to see your kid slaying in such a difficult position.

Tips For Practicing Aerial Yoga With Kids

Now you are aware of making your kids learn Aerial Yoga. If you plan to start Aerial Yoga with your kids, here are some points you need to take care of. These will let you enjoy Aerial Yoga with safety.

1. Choose Age Appropriate Poses

Children of different age groups are at varying levels of growth. Also, they are at different levels of understanding and abilities to grasp the concepts. So, treating every child with the same pose would be a bad idea.

For example, a swing pose is excellent for a three-year-old but not an eight-year-old. Suppose your kids are small and at the initial stage of learning yoga. Then you must start with light and easy-to-execute poses. For example, a swing pose is excellent for a three-year-old but not an eight-year-old.

At the same time, if you are practicing an anti-gravity yoga pose with an eight-year-old, then you can incorporate some storytelling or imagination to make it a bit more challenging.

2. Practice In The Morning

You must have noticed that kids’ energy varies from time to time. If they have just woken up, they are fully energized and ready to play and move their body.

While in the afternoon, they become quiet and are almost sleepy and tired. So the highly advisable time for kids to practice Aerial yoga is in the morning. It is the perfect time as they are full of energy and excited to learn new things at that particular hour of the day.

The morning Aerial yoga practice will keep your kids energized and happy throughout the day.

3. Make Sessions Lively And Fun

Last but not least, it is crucial to make aerial yoga sessions lively and exciting. Use various methods and props to make these sessions attractive for your kids.

It will help to generate attention from kids, and also, they will quickly master the skills of Aerial yoga.

4. End The Session With Relaxation Poses

You should end the session with meditation. Though kids may not sit quietly for long, just start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time. Ask them what the best part of the session was. Or do they like the session? And many more such interactive questions.

Make them do poses that will make their mind and body relax and calm.

Wrapping Up

Aerial Yoga is a great way to enhance the physical, spiritual, and mental being of your kid. Regular Aerial yoga practice will make them stronger and confident enough to deal with their day-to-day problems.

You can also look for a local Aerial Yoga class for your kids, or if you know Aerial yoga, you can arrange the set-up and help your kids to learn Aerial yoga effectively and excitingly.


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