Women are unstoppable; they play various roles in a single day without being tired. Working endlessly for hours, maintaining home and office, and balancing relatives and bosses is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Many women struggle with body issues and still work for their families. But there is a solution that will help women maintain fitness and bring mental peace to their minds. The answer is YOGA.

YOGA has always been a constant companion of women at every stage of their lives. It has helped them cater to mental peace, flexibility, fitness, and confidence to face daily challenges. Yoga has helped women tremendously to work day in and day out without complaining and still feeling best about themselves.

“ Yoga is essentially a practice for your soul, working through the medium of your body.”

 Let us learn how yoga can help women throughout their entire journey. And let us help every woman to indulge in practicing Yoga.

Yoga: For The Beginning Years

Yoga is highly recommendable to women who are in their adolescence. It is a tumultuous period that shapes the entire life of women as a woman goes through changes in mind and body.  

Various yoga poses help a woman to surpass the stage of adolescence quickly and painlessly. For example- Practising meditation and pranayama will help to de-stress and relax the body. It will refrain a teenager from a confused mind. Also, asana, like the Warrior pose and tree pose, are significant in regulating the menstrual flow and easing period pain.

Yoga: For The Productive Period

A productive period is when a woman undergoes physical changes due to conception and motherhood. During the time of pregnancy, a women’s body goes through various hormonal changes that may disturb her mind and body. So, to keep a woman emotionally, mentally, physically, and intellectually healthy, it is crucial to add Yoga to her lifestyle.

Nowadays, pre and postnatal are popular that will help in the effective delivery and recovery of a mother. These involve various breathing techniques and poses that are meant for easy delivery. Also, there are techniques for distressing a woman’s body during postpartum and firming the muscle fibers.

Yoga: For The Menopause Period

The menopause period is one of the most challenging periods for a woman. It is when you will have disturbed hormones, weight gain, thyroid problems, alignment problems, and many such issues.

Yoga comes to the rescue while coping with these issues. Yoga has excellent healing properties, and it will help to keep your hormones in balance, prevent you from any weight gain, and also help in passing the menopause period smoothly. Pranayama and meditation at this stage will make women feel happy and good about themselves.

Yoga: For The Golden Years

Golden years of women come with unique challenges. It will incorporate fewer physical activities and hence less complex asana. During this time, include asanas that help in adequate blood circulation and asanas that help stretch and relax your body.

These asanas give importance to physical and mental health, promoting balance and harmony.

Yoga: For Lifetime

Yoga is not meant for any particular period of women’s lives but their entire lives. It will bring your body to a whole level of mental peace. Also, it will uplift your mood and control your mood swings. You can always customize your daily routine according to your needs and age. Do not hesitate to explore more; the more you explore, the more you learn.

Effective Yoga Poses For Women

1. Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Downward Dog Pose is one of the most popular poses among yoga practitioners. It is practiced worldwide, and people enjoy doing it to become physically fit.

The asana is very favorable for women’s bodies as it stimulates the blood flow throughout the body. It is elementary to perform; hold your whole body weight by the toes and palms on the ground, and the rest of the body is in the air. Buttocks are at the highest point, and the upper and lower halves of the body are entirely straight.

2. Child’s pose

Child pose is trendy among working mothers and is very effective for them. Maintaining a perfect balance between personal and professional life comes with many challenges. Thus to deal with a stressful life, a woman needs a protective layer around herself. 

Child pose act as a protective layer in a woman that helps throw off unwanted thoughts and focus on the things that matter. Kneel on the floor with your toes apart. Inhale while bending forward and put your torso between your thighs and face on the ground. Now press your hands on the bottom and free your body. Do this asana for 15-minutes and live a stress-free life.

3. Garland Pose

Garland pose is another pose to relieve tension by making you stress-free. The asana will make you realize the strength of your body.

Stand on a mat with your knees slightly wider. Now bend your knees slowly and come to a squatting position. Join your hands in making a namaskar pose by pressing your inner thighs with elbows to make it more comprehensive. Make sure that your back is elongated and your chest is broadened.

The pose is effective in relieving tension from the back and neck region. It also strengthens the hip, groin, and ankle.

4. Tree Pose

Tree pose is a super pose known for building confidence and focus. In the tree pose, one leg is erected straight while the other foot is on the thigh. Make sure your body is in a straight line. And your palms are joined and close to the chest; you close your eyes and remember the ultimate power.

The pose symbolizes that whatever the situation may be, one should stand still like a tree and have faith and confidence to cross the scariest situations. Give 5-10 minutes of your life, do the tree pose, and generate confidence and inner belief in yourself.

5. Goddess Pose

The goddess pose is a resemblance to many goddesses of Hinduism. The pose helps you to achieve the qualities of various goddesses like fire from Durga, Wisdom from Saraswati, and prosperity from Laxmi.

Stretch your thighs and hips and strengthen the arms muscles with a regular practice of this pose. Hold the pose for a few minutes, and then relax. You can then repeat the pose and increase the holding time of the pose. The posture is excellent for reaching physical, mental, and spiritual perfection. It will help to develop a good connection in your mind and body and eventually unite them.

6. Boat Pose

Boat pose is for you if you are super busy in your life and do not want to compromise with health and fitness. Sit on your buttocks with legs and upper body making a right angle between them. Now you need to balance the position with your legs in the air.

The pose is effective in aligning the thigh bones and spine. It will tone your thigh and muscles in instantly. Once you do it, you will feel a warming sensation on your core, just balance it for a few minutes and then release. You can always increase the time as per your body limits.

7. Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose is an advanced level of pose that comes with various advantages for the mind and body. Do the Pigeon pose with an empty stomach, and you must simply sit on your knees. Now bend your body backward to touch your elbow with the mat, and your hands touching toes. Hold the position for a few minutes and feel the serenity.

The pose is effective in toning the abdominal muscles and nourishing the digestive organs in a significant way. Also, it soothes your mind and relaxes your body.

8. Plough Pose

It is the asana that works for your whole body. The pose replicates the plough working in fields. Simply lie on a mat, now raise your feet and bring them in the air. Using your hands push your back to get your toes behind your head. Bring your hands into the action and clasp the hands on the mat, and press firmly. Hold the position for a few minutes and then release.

The pose effectively improves concentration and makes your whole body fit and fine. Also, it improves blood circulation, thus ensuring the proper functioning of all organs. You may find the pose difficult at the start, but you will enjoy it as soon you get your hands on it.

The Bottom Line

A message to all lovely ladies out there, make yoga a part of your lifestyle and see what good it brings to you. Yoga is ideal for any age group, so do not hesitate to try and test the yogic philosophy.

As breathing is essential, so is YOGA. Make yoga your daily regime and prioritize yourself first. Yoga will bring the peace and harmony you have been looking for for a long time.

Yoga is an addition, addition of energy, strength, and beauty to mind, body, and soul.


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