You may be considering the next stage in your yoga continuing education, whether you completed your 200 YTT two years ago or two days ago.

For many, this entails completing a 300-hour yoga teacher training program.

For people who desire to help or become a lead trainer on a 200-hour teacher training program, this type of instruction, also known as advanced online yoga teacher training, is required.

Finding the perfect yoga teacher training program can be difficult and time-consuming, especially with so many schools moving to online platforms. To make your search easier, I’ve collected a list of the best 300/500-hour programs from around the world.

What Should You Look For in an online 300-Hour Teacher Training Program?

Most advanced teacher training courses, according to Aadi Yoga School, will cover a lot of the same basic material. While Yoga Alliance is not the official yoga authority, it has assisted many yoga schools in organizing their Online 300-hour program curriculum simply and thoroughly.

Most Online 300-hour yoga teacher training programs will cover the following topics:

• Yoga philosophy and the Yoga Sutra texts
• Yoga anatomy and physiology
• Teaching methodology
• Yoga sequencing
• Advanced asana and pranayama methods
• Mindfulness and meditation

As a result, we strongly advise you to enroll in a 300-hour program that is closely related to your interests and hobbies. You might look for a course that teaches a certain form of yoga, such as Vinyasa, prenatal, adaptive, or yin yoga.

Before you book anything, we also recommend getting to know the program’s principal teacher. Because you’ll be learning not only the fundamental curriculum but also more advanced yoga philosophy, your objectives must match those of your lead teacher. Before enrolling, try a yoga class, workshop, or yoga retreat with your preferred yoga school.

This will give you a fair indication of what to expect and if you’ll enjoy studying from them or not.

What to Look for When Choosing a 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (And Why)

Finding and selecting an advanced yoga teacher training programme took a long time for me. For quite some time, We had been practising yoga, pranayama, and meditation, as well as teaching yoga both online and in person. So when it came time to look for a 300-hour yoga teacher training school, you must know precisely what you wanted.

Nonetheless, the options for a good 300-hour programme that you could trust felt impossible to come across.

Not that there aren’t any good Online 300-hour teacher-training programmes available; there are plenty! However, not all of them felt just right. You couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but you just knew, that you didn’t want to waste thousands of dollars on advanced teacher training if it didn’t seem right.

But it must be recalled the anxiety of looking for a lead yoga teacher with whom you must get connected and a yoga teacher training programme that you believed would help your yoga career.

So, to assist others in their search for the ideal advanced training programme, we’ve compiled a list of items to look for before booking your 300-hour teacher training.

Why Should You Enroll In an Online 300-Hour Teacher Training Program?

Enrolling in a 300/500-hour advanced yoga teacher training programme is a wonderful method to expand your yogic knowledge, develop your teaching skills, deepen your practice, and expand your yoga business.

That’s why completing a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training is such a transformative experience.

A yoga practitioner will usually choose a 300-hour yoga teacher training program.

• Deepen their yoga practise
• Become authorised to lead 200-hour courses as a lead teacher
• Develop their teaching approach
• Expand their knowledge in a specific area, such as Ayurveda, prenatal yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and so on

Whereas 200 Hour yoga teacher training concentrates on the fundamentals of yoga, such as yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, yoga anatomy, teaching methods and yoga poses, an online 300-hour yoga teacher training examines all of these topics through a very specific lens.

If your 200-hour training piqued your interest in yogic philosophy, you can enrol in an advanced course that delves deeper into traditional yoga as taught by the Aadi Yoga School.

You’d appreciate an advanced programme that covers advanced asana and yoga sequencing if you were truly into the alignment of the yoga poses taught in the Vinyasa yoga style.

Make a Goal for Your Yoga Certification.

It’s critical to have a clear idea of what you want to receive out of your advanced training. Many programmes have a very narrow focus (style, lineage, or specialisation), while others have a more general curriculum. If you have a specific post-graduation goal or outcome in mind, selecting a programme that aligns with your objectives is critical.

The following are some things to ask yourself while you set your intentions:

• Do you wish to enhance your practice, improve your teaching, or launch an online yoga or wellness business?
• Is it important for you to be approved by the Yoga Alliance (YA)?
• Are you interested in becoming a teacher trainer or starting your training programme?


Enrolling in a 300/500-hour advanced yoga teacher training programme is an excellent way to expand your yogic knowledge, develop your teaching, deepen your practice, and expand your yoga business.

Investing your time and money in an Online 300/500-hour advanced programme is a significant commitment.

Many experienced yoga teachers place a high significance on finding a programme that aligns with their goals, objectives, and provides value beyond the training.

Because so much of the yoga industry is no longer able to provide in-person YTT during this time, many programmes have gone online and picked the correct one can be difficult.

Whether you want to train online right now or attend a local, in-person, or destination programme in the future, there are a few factors to keep in mind to help you choose the best training for you.

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