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Yoga Transforms the Body

Yoga Transforms the Body

You most likely feel better both physically and rationally after a yoga class, yet have you at any point ceased to consider what’s happening in that body of yours after you’ve ventured off the tangle?…

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Yoga of Listening

The Yoga of Listening

We are encompassed by noise. The sound of shrieking and speeding trains layer over discussions—exchanges at the magazine booth, the infrequent traveler are talking uproariously into his mobile phone, ignorant that we have lost gathering…

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beauty of Yoga

Beauty of Yoga

Why yoga? Yoga is practised for many years, but recently it can be seen that many people are adopting and recommending the regular practices in our day to day lives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.…

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Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Why yoga? In this fast-growing world, due to workaholics and unhealthy eating habit people have poor health. The poor lifestyle gives rise to many problems like stress, depression, and increase in weight, etc. as the…

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