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beauty of Yoga

Beauty of Yoga

Why yoga? Yoga is practised for many years, but recently it can be seen that many people are adopting and recommending the regular practices in our day to day lives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.…

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Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Why yoga? In this fast-growing world, due to workaholics and unhealthy eating habit people have poor health. The poor lifestyle gives rise to many problems like stress, depression, and increase in weight, etc. as the…

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10 Reasons to do yoga in Rishikesh India

10 Reasons to do yoga

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Yoga Why yoga 10 Reasons to do yoga, Yoga is incredible. From 1000 years or more it’s being practised. Many scientific kinds of research have been done and it…

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Importance of Yoga

Importance of Yoga in Daily Life

Importance of Yoga Yoga is a practice which consists of eight levels of growth in the areas of social, physical, spiritual and mental health. As we all know, yoga includes different outlines of postures, exercises, and working…

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