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10 Reasons to do yoga, Yoga is incredible. From 1000 years or more it’s being practised. Many scientific kinds of research have been done and it is found that yoga is quite beneficial for the body. It improves both mental and physical health of a person. Yoga helps in curing various diseases and also improves the lifestyle of a person.

Why should we try yoga?

Yoga is on the best way to get fit. It helps in many ways like it helps to deal with stress, in losing the weight, fighting various diseases, decreasing the problem of insomnia, etc. It helps to live a good and healthy lifestyle. Yoga is beneficial for body and mind. So a person should practice yoga daily to maintain a good balance between the mind and the body. Some of the reasons for practising yoga are described below:

Here are the best 10 Reasons to do yoga:

  1. Stress reliever:

    One of the best reasons to practice yoga is to get relief from Stress is one of the major problems of the present day. Various studies have been conducted and it has been found that yoga can help in decreasing the stress.

  2. Increases concentration:

    Yoga is also very helpful in increasing concentration and motivation. As to practice yoga, a person should be focused so that he or she can learn how to do yoga. It has been analyzed that person practice yoga have a high ability to focus, are a quick learner and can easily retain the new information as compared to others

  3. Improves posture:

    In the present world, people spend a long time on computers due to which they suffer from bad posture. With the help of yoga, we can correct the posture.

  4. For better sleep:

    one of the beneficial effects of yoga is that it helps in fighting the problem of insomnia. various yoga poses are recommended by the doctors and yoga instructor that should e did before going to bed so that you can get good sleep

  5. It strengthens the body:

    yoga truly strengthens the body of the person .various yoga poses are there that can be practised to increase the strength of the body and to make it strong.

  6. Improves flexibility:

    this is also an amazing effect of yoga, it increases the flexibility of the body. The more flexible is the body, the less is susceptibility to injury. Various poses can be practised by the person to increase the flexibility of the body.

  7. Reduces back pain:

    Back pain is the most common problem that is affecting the people. Yoga is the best solution to this problem as it was proven that yoga could help in reducing back A person who practised yoga daily have less chance to be affected by this problem

  8. Improve the function of heart:

    Yoga is the best way to improve heart Various yoga poses are practised by the people that can help in reducing the problem of the heart, thus can improve the function of the heart. It is observed that the persons who practice yoga daily have less chance of getting a heart attack than the other.

  9. It teaches adjustment:

    The best part of yoga is that it teaches us adjustment. After a long tiring day at work that makes us full of stress, when a person goes to a yoga class, it is an amazing With the help of stretching the pain gets relieved and the person feels relaxed.

  10. Yoga is universal:

    Yoga is not merely an exercise for physical It is beneficial for the mind and spirit as well. Yoga not only helps in getting relieved from the physical pain but is also helpful in relaxing the mind and the souls. Various yoga poses are practised for improving physical health and for improving the mind of the person mediation process are done.

Yoga is an economical and more convenient way to stay healthy. One should try practising yoga as it is very beneficial. If you are also going through any of above-mentioned conditions, then you should make yoga a part of your daily routine.

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