Are you ready to explore the yoga culture? So you may check out for the Online 200 hour yoga teacher training. It is only associated with you but your life approaches too. Our course makes you familiar with the initial step of yoga. We provide you to walk smoothly on the path of Yoga. It is a perfect platform to push your yoga journey ahead. At Aadi yoga school, it is easy to learn yoga with fun.

Our Online yoga courses provide you with an educated platform that will increase your confidence. We help to nourish your yoga skills and knowledge. So, if you want to grow into a true yogi, then it’s time to take a break. And engage yourself entirely in the 200-Hours teacher training. It will help you stay encouraged and cherish your true evaluation as a yoga teacher.

Highlights of 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course-

Let’s check out the points below given to have an idea of the course. It will be easy to decide to join the course. Our course has designed in such a manner that it will give you a home environment.

A chance to take online as well as offline classes around the world-

We have come up with both options for enrollment. One who wishes to join the course can do it online as well as offline. We provide you with an experienced teacher. And the course comes within your budget.

An Opportunity to get recognized globally-

We provide you with the certification at the end of the course. You may move ahead by recognized it worldwide. It is an opportunity for you to gain knowledge. You may spread it throughout the globe. So do not be late to grab this opportunity.

Learn Yoga in Just 25 Classes-

Our Online 200 hour yoga teacher training program is wonderful to learn. Now it is designed in a very simple manner. One can complete it by attending 25 classes only. We provide you with a friendly environment to experience it. Yoga is the tool or way to keep you fit and active to fit with the virus. We provide you with the sessions to gain your mental peace.

A perfect Yoga Course for Beginners-

Our Online yoga courses give you the charm to explore the world of inner peace. In this pandemic, many of us are in a panic situation. We are living with anxiety and fear. So, to heal the world, we have taken the initiative to get a cure for mental conflicts. The disease is not as big as actually seeing it. In our school, the courses are designed in such a manner that any beginner also learns them easily.

Learn Yoga from the Yoga Gurus-

Our experts can make you learn simply. And one can make yoga a part of their life. In our school, the Guru’s are skilled enough to handle your concern. They provide the training by understanding your will and wish. They better understand and come to know where a person is lacking. They have many years of experience. Guru’s are the way who can make you feel calm and relaxed. They make you familiar with your body type and suitable yoga for you.

A Yoga Alliance USA Certificate Valid Worldwide-

Our school is renowned all over the world. It helps you to learn and teach with the certification courses. This certification is applicable throughout the globe. You may get the prime ability to gain it.

The way our online yoga courses benefit you-

It helps in a successful covid-19 recovery by the prescribed sessions, therapies and mind-boosting activities. While we have previously taken you through simple yoga asanas that empower a healthier respiratory system. Now we feature the focus shifts to achieving covid-19 recovery.

Involving in yoga online means that you mentally present and focused 100% on your practice. You are without the distractions or opportunity to compare or compete. Practising yoga at home makes it merely about your yoga journey. No one else’s – that can create a much more intimate and impactful experience.

Online yoga produces a very personalized practice where the teacher is proposing to you something very special. They provide their undivided time and attention. It is just you on your mat and your teacher on another side. It is like a secluded yoga session in the comfort of your own home.

Practising yoga online means you have the skill to practice regularly. When you feature in the time it takes to get your things together. It helps in commuting to the yoga studio, taking a class and driving home. For several of us, this means we’re only able to get to a few yoga classes each week. It means you can practice anytime. More time means more prospects to advance – in every part of the practice.

Online yoga permits you to select exactly what type of yoga class you want each time you practice.


All of us are in fear due to the effect of the pandemic. Now, no worries when Yoga is here to fulfil your needs and make you strong. Our school comes up with well-designed online courses suiting your needs. When no one is allowed to move out in the pandemic, online yoga courses are the saviour. Yoga is a great healing treatment for anyone from inside and out. It boosts up your immunity to fight any viruses. Stay safe!

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