Yoga can be a dose for your mental and physical well-being. So enjoy and experience each part or way of it with Aadi Yoga School. Along with the basic learning, we have added online 300 hour yoga teacher training sessions too. It helps to build the fundamental notions taught in the 200-hour TTC. Also, we help you in deepening your understanding and practice.

Our 300-hour Teacher Training makes you teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more progressive than those taught in the 200-hour TTC. Virtually, we favour the students who accomplished 200 hours of teacher training with us to come for this program.

On the other hand, if you have finished our online yoga courses please email us the yoga teacher training certificate and program. It will assure that you are ready for our highly exciting Advanced Teacher Training. It benefits you with both self-practice and teaching careers.

Benefits you get from advanced Yoga Teacher Training-

Advanced Asanas: Our advanced teachers help to hold the morning Yoga class that emphasizes holding intermediate to advanced asanas. Apply to explore body-breath-mind at a deeper level. The evening classes are more Yang and calming in nature.

Surya Namaskar: Regular practice of min. 20 to 30 rounds every day

1) improving Cardio-Lung capacity to breath well

2) to reinforce Joints Core for advanced poses

3) Detoxifying the Body-Breath and Mind.

Anatomy and Sequencing Values: The morning rehearsal sessions and afternoon workshops will teach how to exercise/teach more advanced asanas and their variants safely. We teach as per the level of the student.

Pranayamas: Two pranayama sessions every day (of 20 to 30 minutes each) to master the basic pranayamas and to learn how to practice/teach advanced pranayamas safely while relating bandhas.

Meditation and Yoga Nidra: Study and practice many meditation and yoga Nidra techniques that you can rehearse or teach to your future students.

Kriyas: Everyday practice of Kapalabhati/Bhastrika, Jala Neti, Agnisara and trying out Sutra Neti, Shanka Prakshalana in the last week of the way, for students who are prepared.

Philosophy: The principle of Bhagavad-Gita for everyday life and Patanjali Yoga Sutras, either one or both topics, hinge on the philosophical background of the set. Sanskrit teachings to read/write are also delivered in positive Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, rest on time-availability and interest of students.

Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy: An overview of ideas of Ayurveda to understand the physical body/mind, more than what yoga anatomy can explain. Also, our Yoga Therapy classes train you on certain asanas and how to aid the students with common diseases like High BP, Diabetes, Asthma etc.

Chanting: Knowing how to chant a few more Sanskrit Prayers that you can practice in ClassRooms.

Teaching Practice: Every student will be teaching at least two to four lessons to a small group of four/five other students: 1) Intermediate 2) Progressive, and also study how to deliver workshops based on Chakras. These classes will be monitored by our expert teachers with corrections and suggestions.

Find out before you start-

We have collected a list of certain tips to aid you to select us as the best school for your YTT Program.

Know-how of the School

When you are scheduling to take up the online 300 hour yoga teacher training, the knowledge of our school can inspire you. Make definite that the school you select has been running for at least five years.

This has caused an overflow of new YTT Schools in the market. Due to the aggressive competition, the marketing of these schools has grown. Certain new schools that are open for less than a couple of years have a better online presence. This is how folks are being misinformed. So do your investigation well earlier you finalize on a particular School.

Experience of the Teachers

As this course is to regular you up on a track of teaching, it derives as no surprise that your teachers will play an energetic role in this process. They will be your role ideal and a source of motivation for years. This helps to come so this is an alternative factor you must consider sensibly before enrolling for online yoga courses.

The teachers are the major asset of our Yoga Teacher Training School that delivers yoga instructor certification. This Yoga certification is nearly unusable if you don’t learn how to teach well. Do your inquiry on how skilled the principal teacher and the asana teachers are.

Our school provides you with an experienced teacher with at least more than 2 decades of experience. Also, make definite that you get sufficient time and chances to practice teaching while on the course. The program should be extensive and widespread. All this will confirm that you will get to study several disciplines of yoga and more prominently.

Yoga Styles

A varied method to asana teaching is far better than being pigeon-holed into one specific style of yoga teaching. To get skilled to duplicate a specific system or style, you should learn various forms. Our school have an environment and resources to progress the art of teaching yoga in a way that is receptive to the class situation. It is relevant to the specific needs of the students in front of you.


To sum up, learning yoga does not ask for age. So give it a kick start at the earliest. This will benefit you with the advancements in introducing yourself and the communication capabilities of the internet. Our school can get the greatest marketing teams to make freshly built schools look improved than seasoned schools. Come and learn with fun!

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