At first glance, this appears to be one of the most commonly searched phrases in modern times, particularly on social media. As we all know, Aadi Yoga School Rishikesh is a based organization that facilitates particular yoga teacher training courses principles & curriculum for yoga trainers and yoga centres all over the world, or wherever someone wishes to connect with them.

If you want to register with this organisation for certification as a registered yoga teacher, you must first register with a yoga school that is affiliated with this organisation and then finish the YTTC programme there. And, sure, to register for your own yoga school, you must first clear your teaching hours.

For your convenience, you should be aware that there are three distinct incremental steps: RYT (registered yoga teacher), E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher), and RYS (registered yoga specialist) (registered yoga school).

Don’t be caught up in the Aadi Yoga School’s issue, as I was. But, eventually, I put my confusion aside and focused on the fact that whatever yoga school would be delivering it. It was the only thing I could do, and it is, of course, the only thing you can do today.

For your nice note, Aadi Yoga School just provides guidelines; implementation and accountability are up to the schools and students. It’s all about the branding, regardless of what’s there. You should look for the top yoga school in your area. The school, on the other hand, has a responsibility to provide the finest possible education. It’s not enough to have a brand name!

As a result, the first step is to register with a Yoga School that is a member of the Aadi Yoga School Rishikesh. You can apply for RYT after completing 200/300 or 500 hours of yogic practices, and after completing your teaching hours, you must register as E-RYT.

Please keep in mind that the YTTC 200 hour programme is the primary programme, and only after that can you apply for 300 to 500 hour programmes. One crucial factor to remember is that before registering with a yoga school, double-check the institution’s credentials on the Aadi Yoga School website.

Don’t get mixed up with the names given by yoga schools for YTTC. Hatha yoga teacher training, Multi style yoga teacher training, Iyengar style yoga teacher training, Aerial yoga teacher training, and so on are examples of these. YTTC, on the other hand, is a word used by Yoga alliance, and it depends on the school as to what style they follow and, more importantly, what you require.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Yoga Teacher Training Program (YTTC)

Clear your mind about your desire to enroll in a yoga teacher training course (YTTC) and ask yourself some key questions:

• Why do I want to enroll in a YTTC?
• Do I want to work as a yoga instructor?
• Is it just for my own fitness that I’m looking for yoga classes?

If you’re a newbie, before attending your YTTC, you should read some basic yoga literature as a beginner.

• What yoga knowledge do I have?
• Do I enjoy yoga as a whole or just a few of the techniques?
• Can I participate in yogic practises?
• Am I serious about becoming a yoga instructor trainer?
• Should I make a career change?

You must prioritise what you will accomplish first

You must be a practitioner or at the very least physically fit to attend YTTC classes. Otherwise, not only would it be inconvenient for you, but it would also be inconvenient for the teachers. So it’s ok if you take several yoga classes and read some of the greatest primary yoga books before coming to the course.

If you use this, I am confident that your confidence will never dry up.
Aspirants who are already teaching or have experience teaching and are simply doing so to become members of Aadi Yoga School Rishikesh can fine-tune their yogic practices, and having a healthy, disciplined relationship among teachers is excellent for both.

When I was looking for such programmes, despite being an Indian with a plethora of institutions nearby, I couldn’t make up my mind, and my quest became increasingly perplexing. But I was clear in my mind that I needed to locate a good institution, so I read through the reviews of a few of them and had the opportunity to connect with them.

  I had several similar difficulties with relation to fees, facilities, lecturers, and so on. I chose a location in my city of Rishikesh for my YTTC 200-hours after having a wonderful interaction with them.

Is it important what job you had previously –

Respect for the profession – One of the most important topics to work on in Yoga teacher training courses is respect for the profession. We have a set of rules in place for that. When it comes to being a yoga professional, one must keep in mind that it is unlike any other modern job. This is a one-of-a-kind relationship between teacher and student because it is part of the Guru Shishya parampara/tradition.

Even books are regarded as gurus because they contain the knowledge of yogis/masters or sages from the past. It’s as easy as that: if we take something from someone, we must offer something in return. As a yoga teacher/professional, we must be a keen learner and observer who is non-reactive in order to disseminate this philosophy.

For example, after completing my course, I recognised that a good institution, regardless of its size or reputation, strives to develop and maintain the finest learning environment possible. During my practise, I had plenty of opportunities to interact with yoga instructors trainers, professionals, and gurus, as well as learn about the ambiance of the classes, organising skills, and so on.

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