Swami Amarna Anand

Swami Amarna Anand

Swami Amarna Anand

Senior Meditation Teacher

Amarna Anand has done meditation course from Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, Maharashtra in India. He has well versed and experienced in different levels of Osho Meditation and has been teaching the same in different parts of India. Swami Amarna Anand has been felicitated by many organizations for sharing his Osho meditation and Osho visions from past life.

Currently, he is residing in Rishikesh and continues to serve and share his knowledge that he got from his guru Osho or Shri Rajneesh Ji, with his students and people from all over the world. Students thoroughly enjoy his class as he uses dynamic way of teaching and keeps the students engrossed in his teachings.

His teachings include knowing your potential and learning the methodology of the science of self-awareness. The beauty of knowing inner science is that it eliminates one’s dependence on external authority. Once you understand this, you will start living your life in your way and will walk on your separate spiritual path. There are four levels of relaxing that are included in Osho meditation. Those are the body, mind, heart and self-being. This type of meditation took at least one hour and divided into five stages- first three stages of 10 minutes each and the remaining two of 15 minutes each.

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