Why yoga?

In this fast-growing world, due to workaholics and unhealthy eating habit people have poor health. The poor lifestyle gives rise to many problems like stress, depression, and increase in weight, etc. as the stress increases the problem of obesity is also increased as the people do not do exercise. For all the problems there is the solution yoga. By practicing yoga people can achieve a healthy lifestyle and also is one of the best ways of losing weight. Weight loss is the major problem people spend lots of money on a weight-reducing medicine, follow my diet but it’s all in vain.

So yoga is an efficient method of loss. As its economic way of weight loss, it only requires the person-times. For practicing the yoga one needs to follow the correct procedure as half knowledge is quite dangerous, so in this, we are going to discuss the beginner yoga for the weight loss.

Beginner yoga for weight loss

Following are a few of the yoga exercises for the beginner who wants to lose weight. It first it may look easy, but it requires lots of efforts like balancing, stretching, etc.  So here are few poses for the beginner:

1. Bridge Pose:

This one of the best pose, it is also called as the chakrasana. It forms the shape of the bridge. This helps in to strengthen the back.

How to do the pose:

For this, you have to lie down on the back. Keep the body straight from knees to shoulder and the knees are bending. Stay in the pose for 10-20 seconds. Repeat the step for 3-4 times.

2. Bow pose:

This pose is also called the Dhanurasana. This pose increases the flexibility of legs. It improves the functioning of the digestive system and excretory system.

How to do the pose:

For this one needs to lie on the floor, a bow is formed by grasping the feet to lift the leg and chest .stay in this position for some time and then return to back to the previous position. Repeat the same for 3-4 times

3. Shalbasana:

It improves coordination and flexibility as well as increases stamina and strength. It helps to work out the spine.

How to do the pose:

Lie on the stomach as this is the starting position, after that It is a backbend, or spine stretch, utilizing the strength of the upper and middle back to lift the weight of the legs as high as possible, stay the same position for some time. Repeat it 4-5 times.

4. Wing-realizing Pose:

This pose is also known as the Pawanmuktasana. This pose is best for strengthening the lower back and loosens spinal vertebrae; it also helps indigestion.

 How to do the pose:

For this bent the right knee and brings the thigh to the chest, keep the left leg straight on the ground. Start inhaling, now hold the breath, and try to touch the right knee with the nose by raising the head and shoulder off the ground. Remain in the position for a few seconds. Now exhale slowly and return to the position.

5. Twisted pose:

Also known as Vajrayana. This pose helps in strengthening the back.

How to do the pose:

Place one foot flat on the floor, outside the opposite leg and torso twists toward the top leg the bottom leg is bent with the foot that is in the outside opposite direction.

6. Cobra Pose:

This is also known as the Bhujangasana. It helps to stretch the chest, shoulders, and abdomen. It also strengthens the spine; it also helps n destroying the disease as it increases the body heat.

How to do this:

Lie straight on the stomach, slightly lift the chest. Stay in the position for some time. Repeat it 4-5 times.

7. Boat Pose:

It is also known as Navasana. With the help of this, the abdominal muscles are strengthened; it also helps to relieve the stress and to improve digestion.

How to do the pose:

Lie straight on the back; now try to touch the feet without raising the back. Repeat it 5-6 times

 All the poses described above are best for the weight loss for the beginner as these are easy for them to do this.

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