One of the questions that a lot of yoga enthusiasts are having this year is whether the yoga retreats of 2020 and 2021 are really cancelled. While 2020 is coming to an end and it seems that most yoga retreat centres are either cancelling or postponing their yoga and meditation retreats of 2020, the ones with a 2021 date might still go ahead. Safety restrictions will still be in place, albeit relaxed. After all, no one would be willing to deal with a second surge of the pandemic because people got complacent. On that note, it is interesting to wonder if yoga meditation retreats would be safe to attend in 2021. That is the subject we will be dealing with here.

Safety Concerns For Yoga Retreats in 2021

One of the first thoughts that would come to mind if you are planning a yoga vacation is the travel restrictions in the destinations. If the place the yoga center is taking you to is still dealing with the repercussions of the pandemic, they will have travel restrictions still in place. They might have self-isolation and quarantine rules for visitors too. How this would weave in with the yoga retreat would be a big concern.

In the event that the above issue is settled, there still remaining parts the issue of the medical issue of the participants themselves. It very well may be hard to decide whether somebody represents a wellbeing hazard or has comorbidity issues. If the retreat location is remote, doing the necessary tests might be a challenge.

Moreover, it would also be out of the question to conduct the retreat as before. The organizers have to ensure that everyone is following social distancing norms. They would need to ramp up the hygiene practices. They would also have to ensure that everyone is strictly following these practices. Regular sanitization of the premises would be a must. Otherwise, if even one person is not taking things seriously, everything would be in vain.

Moreover, the issue of communal use of equipment and facilities would also be there. People should try to bring as many of their own stuff as possible, like yoga mats and utensils. Some facilities, like bathrooms, will have to be shared. That part remains a health risk after all.

What Measures Should Yoga Centers Be Taking

The onus should be on the organizing yoga centers to ensure the best yoga retreats possible while maintaining health safety and hygiene. Not only that but they should also put in place measures that would encourage participants to out the health of everyone first without the fear of losing their money or opportunity. Some of the suitable steps to take are:

  • The organizers should provide greater flexibility for booking of seats for the yoga retreats. They should loosen the earlier time restrictions as people would be making decisions under a lot of uncertainties nowadays.
  • The retreat center should also make provisions for cancellations, refunds, reschedules, credits, etc, especially for the costlier luxury yoga retreats.
  • The center should be in constant touch with the participants so that they do not feel lost at any point. They should inform any updates or changes to the people immediately.
  • Yoga centers should promise and deliver on all health safety fronts. The people attending the yoga retreat should, at no point, feel that the organizers are not taking their health concerns safely.
  • There need to be rules to enforce strictly for the attendees as well. The center should ask everyone to do requisite health tests and have fit-to-travel certificates. They should also have medical and other facilities ready for any person who they think might have symptoms.
  • Keep the size of the class small. This will automatically lower the chances of transmission.

What Personal Safety Precautions Should You Take

The yoga enthusiasts who will be attending the yoga teacher training retreats should be equally aware of health precautions. They must make personal efforts to ensure that their health as well as that of those around them are not put into jeopardy. Some of the measures they can take are as follows:

  • Do make sure that there is no chance of infection for you before going on the retreat. Do the relevant tests and attend only if you are negative. Follow the rules that the center has laid out to the T.
  • Maintain health safety rules at all times. Indeed, even a solitary misstep can have a gigantic effect.
  • If you have friends and family who are also yoga enthusiasts, try to book up the retreat for yourselves. Class sizes are small right now so it might not be a problem. It will help lessen the chance of a pariah bringing the infection and tainting you.
  • Make sure you have travel and medical insurance for the trip that covers you not just for possible treatment but also for cancellations and other probable emergencies.
  • Discuss with the yoga center about all possible circumstances that may arise, especially new travel bans or cancellations. You do not want to be caught off-guard when there is a sudden change in the plans.

Finding A Reliable Yoga Retreat in 2021

Booking just any yoga retreat right now is a veritable health hazard. You would prefer not to bargain your wellbeing, yet you would prefer not to exhaust your pocket by the same token. Aadi Yoga School has some of the most affordable yoga retreats in which we ensure the highest level of safety in terms of health and hygiene.



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