Yoga is one of the most versatile practices to engage in if you want to improve your life. But there is more to it. A lot of people look for even greater fulfilment in yoga. They find it through yoga teaching. There is nothing more rewarding than spreading the knowledge that changed your life among others. However, teaching yoga is much more advanced than just doing yoga; you need to be qualified for it. This is why yoga teacher training exists. The 200-hour yoga instructor training is the essential course you should do to educate yoga. But you can also become a yoga teacher trainer by completing 500 hours of yoga teacher training. A great many people do as such by requiring a 300 hour yoga teacher training class after the 200-hour one. Here are the top reasons to take your 300 hour YTTC if you have completed your 200-hour course.

1. Advance In Your Yoga Teaching Career

The primary reason for taking a 300-hr yoga teacher training course is to gain certification for teaching yoga and YTT courses. The 200-hour YTT allows you to teach yoga learning courses only. According to recent updates, yoga teachers need to complete 500 hours of YTT for teaching even 200-hour YTTCs. Doing the 300-hour yoga teacher training Yoga Alliance-certified course lets you upgrade from a yoga teacher to a yoga teacher trainer.

2. Improve Your Personal Practice And Health

A lot of passionate yogis take yoga teacher training courses to learn the deeper aspects of yoga. They do not plan to become a yoga trainer. After they complete their 200-hour YTTC, they feel intrigued to know more. The 300-hour course quenches their thirst for yoga knowledge and practice. Some established yoga teachers will also repeat the course from a different school to widen and deepen their understanding.

3. Learn To Manage A-Class

A 200 hour yoga teacher training course does give you some training regarding the commerce side of yoga training. But it is not enough. Managing a yoga class requires a host of skills besides expertise in yoga. The 300 hr teacher training course revises the necessary skills and teaches more. It helps an aspiring yoga teacher bring practicality and management besides passion in their yoga classes.

4. Delve Deeper Into Yogic Philosophy

While a 200-hour YTTC does introduce students to yogic philosophy, it barely skims the surface. You do learn about the eight limbs of yoga, chakras, and nadis in the 200-hour course. The greater knowledge you get from 300 hour yoga training helps you understand the logic and reasoning behind your physical practices. 

5. Gain Knowledge In Yogic Physiology And Anatomy

One of the most important aspects of being a yoga teacher is knowing about human physiology and anatomy. This refers not only to the physical aspects of the human body but also the spiritual ones, namely, prana, chakras, nadis, etc. You have to realize the significance of asanas, pranayama, mudras, kriyas, etc in relation to prana. This helps you identify errors and injuries in students and prevent them in time.

6. Become An Expert In Various Yoga Components

What the majority of the population understands as yoga is basically only the asanas. There are many more elements in yoga, like pranayama, mantras, mudras, kriyas, meditation, and more. For most people, the 200-hour YTTC is not enough to gain enough expertise in all these components. Besides dedicated practice, doing the 300-hour course helps them refine their techniques and correct mistakes. 

7. Specialize In A Yoga Style

When you wish to become a yoga teacher, it is necessary to choose a style to teach. While a lot of yogis take the conventional route of Hatha yoga, it is not the only one. There are numerous other styles like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Power, Hot, etc. Moreover, nowadays, many adaptive styles have evolved and become popular. A 300 hour YTTC will focus on a certain style more and help you gain mastery over it.

8. Connect With Other Yogis

When you join a 200-hr course, most of the people you meet are rookies. They have probably not taught before. Many are just exploring. But yogis who take a 300 hr yoga teacher training course know exactly what they want. They are self-assured about their place in the yogic journey. In this manner, you have a superior possibility of meeting and systems administration with similarly invested people. This will strengthen your position in the community and help you advance in your career.

9. Reaffirm Your Love For Yoga And Yoga Teaching

You can still teach yoga with a 200-hour YTTC certificate. You will be a continuing education provider. On the off chance that this is the thing that you are generally OK with, it is unquestionably incredible. But a lot of people will feel stagnant and start to resent their career choice. A boost in the form of the 300-hour YTT course will encourage them and restore their faith in their decision.

10. Revive Your Yogic Lifestyle

The yogic lifestyle is a healthy and fulfilling one. But along detachment from discipline and structure can make you lazy and easy-going. You might end up ignoring the simplicity and authenticity of a yogi’s life. But when you do a 300-hour YTTC, it reminds you of what you are here for and restores your determination.


If you want the best results, you would want to join the best 300 hour yoga teacher training course in India. The Aadi Yoga School ensures that its 300-hour yoga teacher training courses are international-grade and benefit students from all walks of life.



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