Terms & Condition


To guarantee that each student receives the best experience possible, Aadi Yoga School requests that everyone respects the etiquette of our classes:


We do not offer any complimentary pick up & drop to the students. We recommend students take paid pickup. We will send our known taxi driver for receiving you at Bus Stand, Railway station and Airport. Please pay pickup or drop charges directly to the taxi driver.

 At the Last Moment, a request for paid pickup won’t be accepted.


  • Students can check-in one day before the training schedule start date. Check-in time: 12.00 pm. Checkout: Students can check out on the next day, of training, schedule the end date. Checkout time: 11.00 am. 
  • Submit your ID card (Adhar Card for Indians and Passport for foreigners) is compulsory on your check in date. As per government law, it is mandatory to keep a record of every student. We will return your document on the same day after completing office work. 
  • On Checkin Date, it is mandatory to deposit the remaining course fee.
  • Kindly clear all the balances fee and return all the books (taken from our library) to Aadi Yoga before the certificate distribution date.


    As per Aadi Yoga Policy, we do not allow check-in in the room without a second twin sharing partner’s presence. Just for the first time, we prefer to introduce them (twin sharing partners) during check-in to have better bonding and understanding throughout the course. We adopt this policy to ensure the safety of belongings of an already reached twin sharing partner and overcome later confusions.

If the second twin sharing partner is going to reach later than the first partner’s arrival time, then in this condition, the second partner may have to wait for a few minutes for check-in.

Please maintain silence during waiting time. Aadi yoga will be available to serve you some welcome drinks in the waiting room.


If you choose to enroll without food and accommodation, we won’t accept the request at the last moment to register you with food and accommodation. This decision may vary subject to the availability of rooms.


  1. FoodWill be available from the course schedule start date to the closing ceremony of the batch.
  2. We do not offer food after the closing ceremony. (On the Last day of training, only one meal will be provided to the students).
  3. On Weekdays, we provide Herbal tea at 05:45 am, Fruits Bowl at 08.15 am, Brunch at 10.30 pm, Banana & Coffee breakat 02.15 pm and Dinner at 07.30 pm.
  4. On Sunday, we only offer Fruit Bowl at 08.15 am and Brunch at 10.30 pm. 
  5. Simple vegetarian meals are provided per day. This menu is set and not up for discussion or exceptions (unless having allergies: please let us know in advance). Meals will usually consist of fruits, gluten-free bread, porridge for breakfast, and healthy Saatvik food for lunch and dinner (rice, lentils, vegetable, chapati, salad).
  6. Yogic lifestyle is not a demand of a high-protein diet. Lentils and other fruits and vegetables supply enough protein in our meals. But if you are accustomed to a high-protein diet in your country, you may buy some external supplements for your diet.
  7. If you need to supplement your diet with extra foods, you may purchase nuts, vitamins, etc., from a nearby shop at your own expense.
  8. We request that you do not eat unhealthy/non-vegetarian foods. Please avoid outside unhealthy junk foods during your training.
  9. The kitchen staff won’t serve food as per your unique demand or wish, and kitchen staff won’t serve you food beyond mealtime.
  10. If you are willing to skip any meal on a day, you will have to inform the kitchen staff at least 3 hours before the mealtime.
  11. If you wish to eat something special as per your choice, you can visit nearby cafes.
  12. If you are sick and unable to take our regular food and unable to come to our dining area, please inform our kitchen staff. So, we can help you in this matter.
  13. Students are not allowed to enter our cooking area, and students are also not allowed to cook any food in the kitchen.


We do not allow our students to take milk tea and milk coffee during the training days. We offer only herbal tea, green tea and black coffee during your training days. Please don’t demand milk tea & milk coffee during your training.


We have a fixed schedule of room cleaning for every room. You will be notified of your arrival date. Students must be present during the cleaning of their rooms. Cleaning staff won’t get enter in the room in absent of the student.


Students will not allow staying for other days either before the course start date or post-course end date. Two complimentary night accommodations are already included in our package price. (Check-in one day before the course schedule starts to date and check out the next day, of course, schedule end date).


We do not allow a family member to stay along with the student’s private room training. If any family member comes along with the student to drop at our centre, they can stay complimentary only for checking night. Family members can take food in the nearby cafes.


Because of your reasons, if you are coming along with your kid, please bring some caretaker or family members too for your kid’s caring. During the class, kids won’t be allowed to enter the yoga hall. You can ask the management for granting permission to stay with your kid and one family member during your training. You will have to bear an additional fee for food and accommodations.


Outsiders and your friends/guests are strictly prohibited from entering the student’s rooms. If any outsider guest is found in the student’s room, Aadi Yoga is free to take strict action against the student.


Male students are strictly prohibited from entering the female student’s room and similarly prohibited for female students to enter the male student’s room under any circumstances.


  • We will send all the students in the group for excursion activities. We organize excursion activities on the First & Third Sunday during the course.
  • Our excursion spots are fixed. We will let you know about the excursion points on the excursion activity day.
  • If your friend or family are staying in Rishikesh during the course, they won’t be allowed to excursion with our students.
  • Our male teachers are not allowed to go on any excursion activities with students. Please don’t invite them to come along with you on excursion activity.


  1. Please remove your shoes/boots when entering the studio and refrain from wearing heavy perfumes.
  2. Our schedule is subject to change. We would appreciate your flexibility and willingness to adapt to any changes.
  3. Kindly inform the instructor on the first day about your health issues or injuries.
  4. Students must arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their class. 
  5. Maintain silence in the classroom. Kindly do not disturb to teacher and other students. Respect the teacher and your fellow students; please practice as instructed by the teacher and do not perform your own separate practice during the class. Treat everyone with respect, care, compassion and non-judgementally.
  6. A student must not engage in any verbal or physical behaviour of demeaning, harassing, or abusive in any professional context. Any type of harassment will not be tolerated.
  7. Do not argue or disagree with your teachers based on your past experiences with yoga. Be prepared to learn from our teachers with an open mind and a new perspective, not compared to past yoga experiences.
  8. Physical relationships with other students, teachers and staff are strictly prohibited.
  9. Foods, gum or candy in the yoga hall are strictly prohibited. Only Water is accepted.
  10. Keep your belongings with you. We are not responsible for lost items.
  11. Drinking, smoking, and other drugs are strictly prohibited.
  12. Clean up your space at the end of class. Arrange your props and mats and put them in the designated areas as instructed by the teacher.
  13. Don’t push yourself beyond your limit: During training, please don’t push beyond your limit. On the first day of your training, update all teachers about your health injury. So, the teacher can explain to you to avoid a few specific asana or asana series. Aadi Yoga won’t be responsible for any injury if you are found to ignore the teacher’s instructions and guidelines.
  14. Aerial Yoga: Please always use matrices while doing Aerial Yoga postures.
  15. Yoga Mats & Hammocks: We have a good number of yoga mats & hammocks are available in the yoga hall. You don’t need to carry them. Students will have to clean their yoga mats every Sunday. After every batch, we clean & sanitize yoga mats and hammocks.


    1. All classes are mandatory.
    2. Only in cases of illness are you excused from class. Also, in this case, if you are capable, you should at least come to class to observe and take notes.
    3. Repeatedly being late or missing classes without an excuse will be grounds for dismissal from the yoga school. 


  • Course extends only permitted subject to the available room. The student will have to pay a difference in the fee. And please don’t ask for any discount on the difference in the fee.
  • We do not encourage our students for taking help of false medical health certificates to extend their leaves with the offices. Aadi Yoga won’t help you arrange a false medical health certificate.


  • If students feel for any medical emergency, kindly contact the management team on time. So, we can arrange either medicine (prescribed by your family doctor) or take you to the hospital. 
  • We have a few generic medicines in our office area for headaches, fever, cold and body aches. But we recommend you bring your generic medication with the consultation of your family doctor. We do not recommend to students to take any medicines without Dr prescriptions and guidance. 
  • Suppose you take any regular medicines for a disease like thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes, asthma etc. Please carry your pills in sufficient quantity during the trip to Rishikesh. We won’t be able to arrange the same brand of medicines at the last moment. 
  • Note: The students will bear all the medical emergency expenditure and medicines expenditure.  


Course material will be available only in the English language. And teachers will use English during the training. We use very basic English. If you have moderate knowledge of English, you won’t feel any difficulty during the training.  


We always create student WhatsApp groups on their arrival date. Short Retreat students will not be added to the student’s WhatsApp group. Please don’t spam in this group and don’t post any marketing content in this whatsapp group.


We strictly do not allow for any adventure activities like River Rafting & bungee jumping during the course. We are not responsible for any activities conducted outside of our school. If any students wish to go during the training period, they must sign a consent form. 


We do not offer any treatment of a disease. We purely conduct a teacher training program. We cannot commit you to curing your disease with the Yoga practice. You can share about any healthy injury or illness with the teacher on the first day. So, they can help you in the healing process.

Note: Aadi Yoga doesn’t offer any massage therapy or any ayurvedic treatments like panchakarma. 


We expect all students to be back at the school by 10.30 pm for safety reasons. We close our main entrances at 10.30 pm


Your admission to this school does not guarantee a certificate. You will be evaluated by your teaching practicums, behaviour, progress, and total attendance.


You consent to Aadi Yoga staff occasionally taking photos for our website and marketing purposes.


Aadi Yoga shares photographs of training classes & events on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vk, Google, etc. If any student has a problem with the photographs to be posted on social media platforms, they are requested information from the class teacher about their objection, and please stay away from the group for a while during photography sessions. Aadi Yoga would not accept the objection of any students if they didn’t inform their minds not to come into the frame.


  • The deposit is not refundable, but it can be transferred to another course or another batch. The student will have to confirm their cancellation of booking at least 20 days before, of course, the scheduled start date of the training.
  • All Payment Cards will be processed in Indian Rupees at the time of payment at Aadi Yoga School. Aadi Yoga is not responsible for fees, charges, exchange rates, or additional charges levied by individual financial institutions or Credit Card companies.
  • The students are free to leave the course at any time. In this eventuality, there will not be any refund, and readmission will not be agreed upon.
  • Aadi yoga will not refund any deposit IF delays, changes or losses caused by acts of God, war, the threat of war, the closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents, or any other events beyond our control. This includes injuries, illnesses. We can allow students for rescheduling their batch to any upcoming next batch (within two years of range)


Aadi Yoga is free to take strict action against the students if they do not follow schools’ laws. Aadi Yoga reserves the right to expel any student who consistently disobeys the Code of Conduct, as detailed on the registration form. In this case, there won’t be any refund for the remaining days.


I agree to the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary rules & regulations set out by Aadi Yoga School.


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