There are different ways of thinking concerning the sequencing of Pranayama and meditation, just as the time of day and consistency of practice.

It might be a test to do every one of these practices. Keep in mind that training is only that—practice for an incredible remainder, notwithstanding when you are not on the tangle or pad. Except if you intend to turn into a parsimonious yogi, it’s imperative to keep up a solid connection between your training and your different duties. On the off chance that you can adhere to a regular timetable, that is incredible. If you find that you can’t, that is alright, as well. Do when you can what you can and don’t stress over it. Else you may make objectives for yourself that are ridiculous, and when you can’t achieve them, you may feel regretful, which transforms into protection from rehearsing by any means.

Difference between Pranayama and meditation

Pranayama is breathing activity, and it is a division of Ashtanga yoga. The term is made of two words, ‘Prana’ and ‘Yama.’ Where ‘Prana’ signifies ‘life force’ or ‘breath’ and ‘Ayama’ signifies ‘control.’ In practice, an individual first actualizes initial three stages and after that begins ‘Pranayama.’ Pranayama harmonizes and balances the body with the brain. It brings an individual into trans whenever rehearsed well.

Pranayam is breathing activities, which cause us to have control over our breath. Pranayama encourages us to have controlled and straightforward breath that does not falter with feelings. Pranayam is the investigation of breath and precedes Meditation. Pranayam is one of the ways to accomplish Meditation. Pranayam prepares our psyche for reflection. We are doing Pranayam before Meditation drives us to Meditate effectively.


Meditation (Dhyana) comes after the Pranayama. Pranayama and Asana are considered as ‘External layer’ of practices while Dhyana, Dharana, and Samadhi are considered ‘Inward layer’ of training. Meditation rehearsed after you aces the initial five. Indeed, Dhyana (Meditation) is the initial step of ‘clearing cognizance.’ It isn’t sitting peacefully with the specific stance of the body (some time with the music) yet the unquestionably progressively significant procedure of taking personality and soul to the following level. There are a few different ways of rehearsing contemplation in all extraordinary customary Buddha, Hindu, and Jain conventions.

Meditation is a conscious effort/exercise in focusing/concentrating the brain on something, or a conscious personality without any considerations. Meditation is intentionally focusing entire of your psyche on one single idea or no idea by any means. Meditation is a sort of aware of resting. That is dozing monitoring your environment. During rest, we don’t know about our environment while in reflection you ought to know about you encompassing. Meditation can be accomplished in different ways; Pranayam is one of them. Meditation can likewise be accomplished through one’s work or commitment.

Can regular meditation lead to spiritual awakening?

Awakening happens when you are never again living in a fantasy world where you channel everything through your inner self and concentrating on the future and the past. Rather, you have a practically concurrent consciousness of your self and the association among that and everything else. Take, for instance, the allegory of a wave in the sea. You are the wave, as well as you are the sea. The capacity to keep up both detachment and association appears to show an alternate degree of spiritual evolution.

When you look crosswise over confidence conventions, there is an ongoing theme that depicts this state as nirvana, awakening, or enlightenment. This awareness happens when you quit being simply the spectator, and rather you ask who is watching.

For instance, consider being engaged in a motion picture—your physiology and emotions carry on as if you are in the deep room with Dorothy or with Luke Skywalker when she confronts the Wicked Witch. At that time, the experience of the motion picture feels genuine—your heart races, you feel energized, terrified, or confident. At that point, your telephone rings or the individual behind you hacks boisterously, and you are taken back to an alternate reality: you are sitting in a cinema sharing the experience of room travel or yellow block streets with others.

Practices to help in Your Spiritual Awakening

For those of you perusing this and feeling like you have had traces of enlivening yet need to open yourself completely to its potential, here are some prescribed exercises:

  • Meditate
  • Laugh
  • Spend time outside
  • Connect with your community
  • Dance
  • Practice gratitude
  • Volunteer
  • Slow down

Completely, regular meditation can prompt awakening. It is the very reason that reflection is so conspicuous in all the old-style writings; without meditation, there can be no obvious profound arousing. What individuals who don’t think experience is a scholarly and enthusiastic arousing, which is altogether different from otherworldly arousing however is frequently mistaken for being stirred. In any case, meditation alone does not prompt arousing; it would be progressively exact to state that meditation prompts a stillness and transparency, which would then be able to lead one to understand the genuine work expected to encounter self-acknowledgement and afterwards awakening.

It ought to be noticed that verifiably and even in current occasions a huge number of individuals have and do meditate, however, don’t accomplish illumination. This is because meditation is extremely just an initial phase in the process towards illumination. Each being can achieve lighting inside their lifetime if that is their objective and want, yet not many genuinely have the responsibility or even the longing to walk this way.

Ordinary meditation is surely part of growing one’s awareness and consciousness. The human personality is an instrument that can be in one of two states at some random point. It tends to be in a projection state, which is the point at which your psyche is directing vitality towards something, or it very well may be in a recipient state, which is the point at which your brain is clear and unfilled and open to accepting data.

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