Seeing a yoga instructor, have you ever had a feeling that it is like living a dream job? Are you also an aspiring yoga instructor? 

Here is a blog that will firm your decision to take yoga teacher as a career choice. We bring you the best reasons to pursue yoga teacher training India 2022.

#1. One of the most rewarding job

Being a yoga instructor is one of the most rewarding jobs. It is a job where you make people know about unconditional love, and it is the best thing you can do for anyone in your entire life. Yoga encounters people with their inner happiness, which everyone needs to know about. 

It is always a beautiful feeling when students appreciate you for being such a great yoga instructor. It is an admirable and respectable job; your students remember you as an idol. A yoga instructor’s life is full of bliss. 

#2. New perspective towards everything 

As a yoga instructor, you get to know people from different walks of life. You understand how quickly some students catch the asanas, and some make the environment happy with their presence. Thus you see every being has some sort of uniqueness, something good in them.

This lesson is beneficial in practical life. A teacher understands every student in his class. You get to understand the reason behind the different behavior of certain people. At this point, you consider people more than a human. 

Experiencing a Yoga Teacher Training India 2022 is many new and everlasting experiences. You will relish the entire journey of being a yoga instructor.

#3. Flexible working life

A yoga instructor’s working life is a flexible one. It is not a 9-5 desk job, which demands hours sitting in a particular position. It is a job everyone aspires for, here you can decide the own timings of your classes. You can even move from one yoga teacher training camp to another. 

It solely depends on you how you want your life to get spent. Thus being a yoga instructor makes you a free bird that can spread its wings in any direction it wants.

Take a yoga teacher training India Rishikesh and let your personality shine being an inspiring yoga instructor.

#4. You understand the actual meaning of life

Usually, you all might feel earning money, owning expensive cars, and having a never-ending wardrobe is real happiness. But we are so blinded by the world that we forget that real happiness lies within us. You are the owner of your satisfaction, and that happiness lies within you.

You must ask yourself at what cost I am getting this success? Does this success worth it? And when you know the answers. You will become aware of what you need to do.

Yoga instructor understands what the actual meaning of life is. Being at peace is all that we all need.

#5. A perfect work-life balance

Learning yoga is learning being at peace. Sometimes, yoga instructors forget about their personal life in a hassle to generate more income. But the actual truth lies in maintaining a proper balance between personal and professional life.

Being a yoga instructor helps you maintain a proper balance and figure out the actual meaning of life. So choose a career that makes you wiser.

When you make other students learn real yoga, you will feel successful, and in the end, this is what matters.

Read more to know the essentials before becoming a yoga teacher.

Things you must know if you want to become a Yoga Instructor.

If you are passionate to become a yoga teacher, then you must know the following:

  • Yoga is not just for experts.

Being a good yoga teacher is not about doing fancy yoga poses. In contrast, a good yoga instructor can effectively guide students on what to do with their bodies.

 It is about the love and compassion a teacher must-have for their students. So that students never hesitate to discuss their genuine problems with them.

  • Yoga certification

It depends on you choose a certified yoga course or not. Yoga Alliance is a non-profit institution with a registry that recognizes yoga teacher training schools and yoga instructors that meet its criteria. 

It depends on where you want to work. We can’t deny that there are many places where yoga teachers are appointed without yoga alliance or RYT certification. Yoga studios only select teachers with accreditation because of the semblance of regulation in the liability issue.

  • An appropriate yoga teacher training course

It is a must to join a Yoga teacher training course. This course will make you understand the whole A to Z of yoga. You can choose from varieties of yoga you want to learn. Mainly yoga studios prefer Vinyasa yoga certification for their yoga instructors.

You can take up a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, a one-month intensive course. After completing 200-hour teacher training, you are eligible to become a yoga teacher, or you can study further and join 500-hour yoga teacher training and much more.

  • Take practice yoga teaching sessions

Teach yoga to those who listen to you; they can be your family members, neighbors, friends. Knowing asanas does not mean that you can become a yoga teacher; in fact, imparting the knowledge and making people do what you say is the real sense.

As soon as you start taking practice sessions, you will realize the areas you need to work upon. Taking practice sessions is the best thing you can do to polish yourself.

  • Start making money

Now comes digging into the actual teaching where you can make money. Either you could join a yoga studio, work in collaboration with restaurants, organize your workshops, lead retreats. 

Find the opportunities where you can get success and also enjoy teaching yoga. Choose the places that can bring the best in you.

  • Design a mailing list

Develop a mailing list of the people who love your yoga sessions and are looking forward to it. Try to keep in touch with them by messaging them about your coming yoga sessions.

Following marketing tactics as a yoga instructor is essential. So that when people are looking for the best yoga instructor, they contact you.

  • Get yoga insurance

Last but not least, get yoga insurance done. Getting yoga insurance is the best thing you can do for your yoga business.


We hope the blog has helped you enough in making your decision. We wish you a happy yoga journey!

If you are considering yoga teacher training India 2022, you must join one of India Rishikesh’s most exemplary yoga teacher training. A teacher training program will give you more than you have ever imagined. It is a life-changing experience you will ever have.

Lit your yoga journey with yoga teacher training India Rishikesh!

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