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Yoga Alliance Certification Teacher Training School in India

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Yoga Alliance Certification

Aadi Yoga School in Rishikesh India offers Residential 100 Hour200 Hour,  Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, India Registered with the Yoga Alliance Certification, USA.

Aadi Yoga School is founded with a confidence to share the traditional experience of yoga and the intention to lead students along the path of holistic healthy living.

During our multi-style (Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Iyengar yoga) teacher training in India you will get a deep knowledge about the yoga asana and its styles. We have the best yoga schools in Yoga Capital Rishikesh India with a peaceful yogic environment nearby Laxman Jhula Rishikesh India. During your YTTC, you will learn different multi styles yoga poses and asana with Pranayama, Breathing exercises, Meditations, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc.

Our school has designed courses in the most comprehensive and unique way, empowering you to stand apart as an inspired yoga teacher. 

At Aadi Yoga School in Rishikesh India, we welcome all age of students having a different type of health issue or potential. We understand that every people don’t have equal potential. People are born with certain limitations, so we focus on adjustments for all level students.

Courses at Aadi Yoga School are designed in a manner which suits the needs of different levels of practitioners from Yoga Teacher Training For beginner, intermediate to advance levels.

Yoga teacher training course at aadi yoga school in Rishikesh India will allow the student to develop a better understanding and deepen their practice of yoga. It assists the student in forming new visions in all spheres of yogic practice and offers them an opportunity to become a registered yoga instructor – RYT 200.

We offer Residential US Yoga Alliance Certification in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC).

We offer 100 Hour YTTC, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India, 7-Days or 14-Days retreats. We At Aadi yoga school in Rishikesh India, Yoga Teacher Training Programs are designed in very balanced way that it keeps the student in contemplation of the subject throughout the day and allows them to have the time for their personal stuff and self-study. The schedule is the best integration of theory and practice of yoga. It also allows the student to stay energetic for all the classes.

The daily schedule of the course as follows

  • 06:00 AM: Wake Up
  • 06:30 AM: Herbal Tea
  • 06:45 AM: Yogic Cleansing
  • 07:00 AM: Mantra Chanting & Pranayama
  • 30 AM to 09.00 AM: Yoga Asana
  • 09:00 AM: Breakfast
  • 10:00 AM: Yoga Anatomy
  • 11:30 AM: Yoga Philosophy
  • 01:00 PM: Lunch, Rest & Self Study
  • 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM: Teaching Methodology and Yoga Alignment
  • 04:30 PM to 06:30 PM: A Traditional Sequence
  • 07:00 PM: Dinner
  • 08:30 PM: Yoga Nidra
  • 10:00 PM: Light Out

Note: – In the process of Yoga teacher training certification, discipline is a key factor. Attending all classes is mandatory. If a leave is required in case of emergency & health issue, consult the respective faculty prior to the class. Absence without leave shall be considered as an act of indiscipline, which may affect the practitioner’s studentship and certification. Any changes in the schedule shall be intimated in advance.

At Aadi Yoga School In Rishikesh India, We do have Well-equipped and neat rooms. You will get three-time daily full meals. The meals will be vegetarian and completely nutritious. Salads, fruits and beverages will also be catered, and you can opt for either vegan diet or gluten free diet.


At Aadi Yoga School in Rishikesh India, we guide & help our students for setting up their own yoga business or Yoga studio with sharing our own teaching and yogic business experiences.

Our Mission Statement

  • To present and explore the Three Treasures of Buddhism—the Buddha (teacher), the Dharma (teachings), and the Sangha (community).
  • To present the Buddha-Dharma in a language and manner relevant and understandable in contemporary America.
  • To welcome all who seek the Dharma without any exceptions.
  • To be a positive presence in our local community, working to enhance the vitality of our neighborhood.
  • To honor and continue the traditions of our founding members.

Our Gallery

  • Understanding Nonself in Buddhism
  • The Buddhist Soldier
  • Understanding Enlightenment in Buddhism
  • Happy 2,641st Birthday, Buddha!
  • The Buddhist Scriptures for Newbies
  • Dharma Field Trip
  • 5 Ways to Learn Meditation
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